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  1. Got door cards that are ok out of a 1.6 gl plus a set of tatty seats with the open style headrests spare carpet is in the wifes Mk4 at the mo but i want to change it for a black/grey/dark brown when i find one as the rest of interior is black so if you can source one of them i would do a swap
  2. Its not been left in primer it's a work in progress! :icecream: trying to do all the body work in spare time takes time. Alternative is to stick it in a workshop whilst body work is being done and drive around in some euro s#*tbox and keep another cortina off the road! the idea was to be a run around whilst mk3 is being done but he needs a van for work so it's got to go otherwise mk3 will never get finished :pop:
  3. It's my brother-inlaws car and he uses it daily if you look past the primer its a very solid mk4 original sills, arches, doors etc plus boot floor is minty, lower corners all good its only ever had a tiny bit of welding on top of wing rails 2 small plates and the rest is untouched by the old mig & tinworm all the running gear is good, had full service kit incl cambelt when the engine was replaced 3 months ago. type 9 5 speed on auto Xmember is quiet with quick shift but he may want to retain the quick shift for the mk3 estate as it is receving 2.8 & 5 speed out of one of my capris. we are sticking one of my 2.3 axels in the estate because of this so the 20L axel will be surplus to requirements. I used to own the mk4 & the only reason i brought it was because it was so solid. the wings are good second hand replacements (pattern i think). if you want to know any thing else please ask.
  4. Yes but they look better on here which is where they will be going back to not theres a common paint theme going on here although the estate will be going this colour:-
  5. Heres a couple of pics please note the slotmags are not included in the sale a set of standard wheels will be refitted
  6. got mk4 1.6gl 1978 long mot & will sail through next one as VERY solid shell now has 20L pinto out of mk3 granny so unleaded, plus 5 speed type 9 all black vinyl interior except front seats which are mk3 granny black leather has 2.8i front discs & calipers goes very well still has 1.6 axle in it but 20L could be fitted dependant on price has lots of primer on her as typical ford metalic paint was knackerd plus new(s/h) boot & wings looking for around £750 for her
  7. Hi mate i have a spare one from a mk5 will fit the same £10
  8. sounds good mate. do you have any granada mk2 ones by chance larger diameter bar & hole in front bed?
  9. Mines a 'V' plate! I've broken better but i can't break it as its so rare plus its been sat in workshop for 8 years without turning a wheel, stuck a bit of fuel in it & battery and it starts & drives fine plus everything works and i mean everything if it wasnt for the large hole in the sill i swear it would sail through MOT
  10. Hi all I am looking for about three sets of cortina front tie bar bushes. the 2.0l GLS will be needing a set as does the P100 (steering under braking a bit scary!!) Plus i need to get the front bed back into the wifes mk3 and I am not too struck on poly ones Any ideas of a source other than egay
  11. Hi mate I have just started work on my 2.0 GLS so I may need some parts for it but would consider buying whole car if price is right how much are you looking at for whole thing?
  12. will go this year hopefully as its by next village to my workshop
  13. I am sure i can help got 2 complete 2000E interiors out of cars 1 very late saloon with headrests & 1 estate. started on my other 2000E for the missus to drive so i will be using the best bits & some of the seat cloth to repair rear seat that has sun damage to top but there should be enough left over to repair others
  14. Did they make any mk5 'S' models. In that i mean just 'S' not L, GL or Ghia with S pack options?
  15. deep dish steels with chrome embelishers so they look original but you can get 205's on them
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