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  1. must admit not very good sellers banded or otherwise I think people in general seem to prefer cortina steels over Anglia ones. don't think I will be bothering much with banded steels anymore since john brown wheels brought out a very nice and as close to cortina steel wheel alternative as possible,,check these out jbw smoothie ebay item number 183236051793
  2. hi Hans,still here or just about anyway :thumbup:
  3. tinman

    mk2 exhausts

    down to 1st £15 2nd £10 :thumbup:
  4. tinman

    mk3 steel wheels

    down to £40 ono :thumbup:
  5. hi daz,all the wheels I do have don't have any tyres on apart from the ones I already have listed here at the moment and only two of those hold air properly so unfortunately not been much help,sorry bud hope you get sorted :thumbup:
  6. hi daz,nice to see another Dagenhamite,bare with me and I will see what wheels I have over the weekend,what sort of wheels are you after?
  7. for sale is a pair of standard mk2 front springs £10+post for the pair , will be listing more stuff mainly mk2 stuff when I get chance to get some pics taken such as brake discs/wheels and more springs etc.
  8. tinman

    mk2 exhausts

    For sale is two standard mk2 1300/1600 exhaust middle repair sections,1st one doesn't look like it was on over long before being removed 2nd one is older and the mounting bracket is a little squashed but should bend back out without to much trouble but other than that both look to be in fair nic,1st one £25 and 2nd one £15,will need collecting from Dagenham Essex
  9. tinman

    mk3 steel wheels

    Thought I would see if there was any interest in these here first b4 I put them on ebay, for sale is a set of 4 mk3 standard/base model steel wheels,tyres are old and shot,rims are in good nic but could do with blasting,there are also a set of hub caps that can go with them as well,collection from Dagenham essex £50 ono :thumbup:
  10. no probs buddy,i agree that prices especially for genuine ford panels are rising steeply,i know what mk2 addict means by that valance being a pattern part tho,if you look at the 3 vents and the bumper iron holes they don't quite look as though they have been pressed properly but overall doest look a bad panel,,good luck with your search :thumbup:
  11. As a budget alternative Smith&Deakin plastics do a fibre glass front valance for a mk2 for about £100 and they deliver !! :thumbup:
  12. re-upped the unmodded vent wheels as a pair this time for rear use , ebay item 331391793685
  13. thought I recognised them !! no stick of rock here either but did have some very nice fish n chips down the seafront :icecream:
  14. this is what the first one looks like,vent left finished vent right untouched second pic all vents done and weld along the lip for a bit extra
  15. cheers buddy,i will have to see if I can hunt that thread down as it sounds like it might come in handy for future reference :thumbup:
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