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  1. hi Jordan, I did reply to your pm...…………. sorry but not really set up to send big stuff as yet so would have to be collected 👍
  2. DMR

    Hello there 

    being your Essex based as I am do you no anyone who 

    as got a set of cortina mk4 steels 



  3. I cant believe that add is still there especially when you read whats on it!!
  4. green tailgate now sold !! silver tailgate is now minus the hinge spring and have now reduced to £25
  5. I have decided its time to sell on my gt banded steels ,they have had hardly any road use a couple of hundred miles if that and then I took them off the car when I started doing some mods and have been in dry storage since,front wheels are 6.5j with 175/50/13 tyres and rear wheels are 7.5j with 195/50/13 tyres , the rear 195s btw are trailer tyres ,not really for car use but I used them anyway 🙄,spare is a lotus steel painted to match with a new 175/50/13 tyre (different make to front pair) that's never touched the tarmac or even got chance to be put in the boot for that matter. also to come with this lot is a new 175/50/13 tyre same make as front pair and a rattle can although almost empty containing the paint code should they get chipped. wheels have been shot blasted,sealed,etch primed,primed,top coated and lacquered and still look like they did when I put them on. I would like to get £700 for these but any reasonable near offer would be considered and would also need to be collected from Dagenham in Essex. any real genuine interest and I can take pics of them start of the week,below is what they look like when first on the car .
  6. hi steve,unfortunately the trim panels I did have went some time ago 🙁sorry buddy.
  7. tailgate 3 , series 1 ,F O R D letters been added at some point,fairly solid has some surface rust on underside,looks like someones hit the handle as its a liitle scew wiff at some point causing it to make a dent in the panel which I have tried to capture in the pics as best as possible. £45 ono
  8. tailgate 2 , series 1,no handle or glass and what there is of the body seal has come unstuck ,needs a little work around the window channel in a few places and bottom inside lip starting to bubble. £45 ono
  9. tailgate 1 , series 2 ,pretty solid,little bit of rust just below the ford letters and missing a little bit of the body seal but otherwise complete and comes with key £70 ono
  10. finally made a start on having a major clear out of some of my mk2 parts so thought I would start with the bits I managed to get pics of so far which are mk2 tailgates but will list more as and when I can get to them,all parts will either be for saloon or estate ,tailgates will need collecting from either Dagenham or Chelmsford in Essex ,could possibly drop off if very local to either of those areas.
  11. must admit not very good sellers banded or otherwise I think people in general seem to prefer cortina steels over Anglia ones. don't think I will be bothering much with banded steels anymore since john brown wheels brought out a very nice and as close to cortina steel wheel alternative as possible,,check these out jbw smoothie ebay item number 183236051793
  12. hi Hans,still here or just about anyway :thumbup:
  13. tinman

    mk2 exhausts

    down to 1st £15 2nd £10 :thumbup:
  14. tinman

    mk3 steel wheels

    down to £40 ono :thumbup:
  15. hi daz,all the wheels I do have don't have any tyres on apart from the ones I already have listed here at the moment and only two of those hold air properly so unfortunately not been much help,sorry bud hope you get sorted :thumbup:
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