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  1. hi johnny boy , might be able to help you with that ,i have a pair of complete standard calipers and discs i took off my 67 deluxe as im going over to vented so wont be using them , they were in use till i took the car off the road and were already refurbed albeit a while ago now with new pistons and seals as well......if i remember rightly i was in the process of repainting them when i decided to go vented instead so one caliper is gold the other unpainted .......can do this lot for £45 plus what ever the postage is if your interested just pm me and let me know plus i might need a few days to get at them............john
  2. i have three sets of standard brake pads new and in the box,2 sets by metal fren and 1 set of borg & beck £15 a set posted second class signed for. i also have another couple of new sets unboxed £13.50 posted second class signed for. 2 x new standard pad pins sets £8 each posted first class signed for. a set of four new old stock nylon steering bushes,(just the bushes not a kit)£25 posted first class signed for. pm me if interested............
  3. watched it a few times now , a bright orange 4 door xl , have to say i think it looked a very smart example when they had finished it .
  4. thanks for that buddy and will certainly look into that,it is intended for a mk2 but will certainly give me an idea of how they were fitted up and equipment used
  5. got to admit you had me with that one
  6. well thats something i just learned !! factory fitted in Britain ? was it a special order or maybe and imported vehicle from warmer climes ?
  7. cheers buddy,if i did ever do it it wouldnt be going in anything under a 1600 or at least that would be the plan anyway , was just a thought really to see if it might be possible maybe to rig up using scavenged parts from modern vehichles and keep on the cheap side. i have seen those units on the early mustangs and must admit they are a little accessory shop looking and although not 100% fussed about having the interior looking stock would like it to be to a degree so if that was my only option might have to find a way of making it blend in a little better .
  8. hi all , i have been thinking about the possibility of fitting air con into one of the cortinas for some time , has anyone already done this before maybe using bits from modern cars or are there any retro fit air con kits available out there that anyone knows of ?? look forward to hearing your replies and ideas guys.....
  9. jeeeeez .......certainly looks like its heading that way as all marks of cortina seem to be on the rise but thats an eye oepener to go that far past its reserve
  10. Hi Hans,i have only just seen your post but a big thankyou for taking the time to have a look for me. i must admit its driving me a little nuts that i just cant find any definitive info anywhere that says exactly what it means in reference to the engine other than tall deck ...............thanks again Hans and wishing you a merry xmas from me and my lot to you and yours
  11. must admit i never really thought of them being used in anything other than cars to be honest so makes sense i spose if they may have had different code numbers if being used in machinery instead of cars i just cant find a definite explanation of what the code stands for ,there were two1600 crossflows that came up recently on ebay and apparently both from cortina mk2s with the same identical numbers ending in DA as i have on my engine block but unfortunately neither of the adds shed any light with regards to what the numbers mean
  12. cheers for that buddy, have just had a good read through of the article and learned a few things i didnt know before on engine codes which is going to be very useful ,unfortunately i still couldnt find any reference relating to what the DA letters following the engine codes were but did find some information after a few hours of googling which apparently DA means "tall deck" so im just as confused now if not more so as i was before
  13. hi all,yet again going through some of my stuff today and noticed an unusual code on the block of one of my spare engines,i was told when i got the engine it was a 1600e engine that needs a rebuild although im not sure if it is or it isnt ?? anyway the engine code reads 681f 6015 DA ,what does DA mean?? can anyone tell me please ?? i though they always ended AA =1300 or BA=1600 never seen seen DA before
  14. cheers buddy .......fortunatly they are just spare heads at the moment but can see that getting expensive real quick
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