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  1. bugsntinas

    vv carb wanted

    anyone got a decent or new vv carb for sale
  2. thanks for the offer it is much appreciated but i'd like to stick with the crappy old vv if possible.i wouldn't want to take it for the sake of it when some body else might be in need of one at some point.
  3. bugsntinas

    vv carb wanted

    as above for a 1.6 mk5.would like to get a new one if possible but not for silly money.don't want to go weber as i just want a straight swap
  4. not sorted yet so has anyone got either a new or decent rear bit of the outer sill from the b pillar to the wheel arch please
  5. bugsntinas

    mk5 outer cill

    would anyone have a rear section of outer cill they maybe don't need.i only need it from the end to just by the b pillar as i've been the victim of a bodge repair involving foil tape and filler there.
  6. cheers for that steve.i have the gear lever and the prnd plate to sell but the bit he wants i sold already.i'll pass them on
  7. bugsntinas

    auto box part

    would anyone have part number 9 or the whole bracket.looking on behalf of someone https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOhaox4ZA9nLMwNEsPp7_6N63YIQAHFpEH88Fn1QQrvO4WmNAyFq9nFiGLksiJ1ig?key=XzIzMFUtWDMtWGRFLW1Dc0FoUUFtM1d0c0pSMHFR
  8. as title says.washed the old girl today and found a hole and don't want to poke around too much just in case
  9. bugsntinas

    MK4 BITS

    i have a carpet but it's gone very brittle
  10. if you go onto http://mk1mk2transit.freeforums.net and contact ralph he has loads of stuff. alternatively go onto facebook page FORD TRANSIT MK1 - MK2 GROUP and again contact ralph clark.
  11. i can sell the panelif required as my floor isn't too bad at all.
  12. could well have been. you'd have thought that that would have been a popular panel to reproduce
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