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  1. Needs a very good clean. Has a couple of tears one by the fuel filler area and a couple of small ones in the crease where the panel goes up from the floor at the rear. £15
  2. Cheers Steve. Just confirms it's not straight forward. Will definitely leave it until next time as some of the chassis there needs work too
  3. Yeah I guess plate for now. I have a campervan conversion up next and I'm planing on using that for a few years and then prob sell her and put some money into proper panels for the tina
  4. Done one small. This isn't a full blown resto as I'll prob do her again in a few years time. Not sure how to do the next bit as it goes underneath the light holder and out to the corner. Think I might just plate this bit as I think it's gonna be worse than it looks
  5. Already sorted that bit as I made one in 2018 but started elsewhere lol
  6. I don't think the chassis is bad but will tell when the rot is out. Would you believe I don't have any oil :( Yeah pointless just plating I want it to be solid enough.
  7. With the car turned round it's time to see the damage at the rear. Could have been a lot worse but damn is it killing my back. One piece of advice I'm after. On the pass side you can see it is rusted above the chassis rail would you just cut the rust out or would you cut a bigger area for strength.
  8. Replaced the hose today with one of the scrapper. Drivers seat back in after near 2 years too lol
  9. Cheers much appreciated
  10. Looking for a black plastic clip that holds the fuel line that runs from the tank. The one I need is near the front subframe. Can't find mine anywhere.
  11. Nice work. Putting many to shame lol.
  12. Cheers Dean. Gotta replace the fuel line from the tank after I stabbed it with the welder oops and hopefully get her running this weekend so I can start the other side
  13. We don't have pound land over here but we do have deals who are part of pound land so might check then out. I'd love to have a go at spraying but my funds are reserved for my campervan conversion.
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