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  1. I'll have a look tomorrow as mine used to be a gl interior
  2. well i have a scrap mk5 that might have a half decent one but it's upside down so hard to tell. what or how much do you actually need? a diagram might help 🙂
  3. bugsntinas

    mk4/5 bonnet

    no one seems to want them i got one and going to use it to repair the car
  4. only need to repair the front in drivers footwell
  5. does it have an interior and if so what type?
  6. i thought i could use mine even with the strange noise but stopped when smoke bellowed out lol. picked up a decent one for 50 euro
  7. yeah ya right angle grinder last month now welder.
  8. don't seem to be able to find anyone to service them that is also a problem another problem i now have is my welder just broke 😞
  9. ah i think i got ya now it's a diaphram for something !! i think mine are blue but i could be wrong lol
  10. that's interesting to know. i'll have to check the many i have to see if they are the same :)
  11. hi there. not sure if they are different or not but i have a feeling they might be maybe someone might know for sure. how much out of interest?
  12. as title any about including genuine?don't think i need one now.
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