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  1. L know what ya mean but i can't afford the insurance to only use it occasionally. We'll see.
  2. Well the tina is back in the garage for another year. Was gonna use her as the second car but not needed now. Not sure what the future holds for her as next year i need to get my campervan built and then i have a ford cargo horsebox to sort. I've had her for 15 years now so not an easy decision to make :(
  3. bugsntinas


    I'll have a poke around and see whats what. I'll swap over the stalk to
  4. bugsntinas


    Well the hazards were working then the stopped, flashed once then stopped altogether. The indicators work fine. Tried a spare switch nothing, bought a zwitch from craig, thanks by tbe way, but tbey still don't work. I assume 3 switches all can't be fault so what else should i check oh and there is poeer to the switch as tested that
  5. Hadn't heard of them before but i got one of craig.
  6. Scrap yards as such don't really exist over here unfortunately
  7. if ya let me know i'll grab one off ya
  8. before i put the speedo back in i gave it a twist with pliers to make sure it was engaged in the box and when i let go it spun back and made sure it was pushed right in a back of cluster. wipers are the one thing that have kept on working. and the hazards worked yesterday but stopped today aggghhhhhh.
  9. silly statement but i take it they work :).how much to post to ireland
  10. she's been off the road since summer 2019 with the intention of restoring her but the work was gonna be more than i could afford so it became a patch up job but still getting rid of the major rust .i was hoping to have her on the road to take my boy to school this week but she's chucked up one problem afte the other with electrics and silly little leaks.as she stands i thought i'd got the speedo working but no she has other ideas,fuel gauge don't work now,reversing lights have stopped and after taking her up the lane ididn't even enjoy driving her so i think after 15 years i'm gonna get rid.ya know when you just lose all interest in something well she's worn me down to that point.
  11. are new ones available these days.mine is an early mk5,79,and has the 6 pins in the back
  12. Think i might have found a solution. I found things called bed sheet clips that i think will work
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