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  1. Has anyone get a pair of the front corner bumper brackets that bolt onto the front wings for sale. I only thought i needed one as i cut it in have but as i seem to have lost the entire front bumper with brackets and corners i think I'd better get both lol
  2. I know it's a long way off but i guess at some point with all this electric this and electric that do you worry what the future holds for you babies. I have my cortina and a 90 ford cargo and a little newer mk2 iveco daily and i often wonder if at some point they end up on the scrap heap.
  3. Glad they are reusable. Cheers for ya help
  4. After asking a few times with no joy in finding a brown chatsworth seat I'm going to have to try and get mine repaired. How easy is it to undo the metal clips that hold the fabric on and if anyone has replaced theirs did you reuse them or did you use something else like cable ties etc.
  5. Are these 2 any use to anyone for the price of postage from Ireland.
  6. I'd say the battery was .ged. I got it off a mk2 transit about 11 years ago. Charged another battery and no joy at first so charged a bit more and after a lot of turning she popped into life. A slow put put first getting faster then roared into life not bad considering she's been standing for nearly a year untouched.
  7. Had it on charge and it went up to 4 bars(max) turned it off for an hour then put it back on and went to 1 bar. Left it for a while but it's been fizzing like crazy so turned it off again but the fizzing has been going on for at least an hour since so maybe it's knackered :(
  8. Not a major problem yet but a bit puzzling. Charged my battery up, not fully, and stuck it on the mk5 to just get her starting but the starter clicked and turned very slowly and that was it. Now I've always had it that if the battery isn't charged enough then the starter just clicked. Is this just a case of charging the battery more or possibly something more serious
  9. I made a new tube from steel will have to go to the local tyre shop and see if they have an old tube
  10. Looking for suggestions. I replaced the neck on the boot floor and thought i had the angle and height right but I'm a little out so the rubber boot no longer fits. Any idea what i could use as a replacement. Tia.
  11. Ah ok. Makes it easier to remove later down the line
  12. Slight change but with the rear outter rear valance does it have a flange on each end that welds to the wing as mine doesn't and i can see a gap so wondering if it's just had a bad plate put over the original Jesus that ain't cheap but yeah that's it. I think i migjt cut the one out of the scrap car and see what it is like.
  13. Jesus that ain't cheap but yeah that's it. I think i migjt cut the one out of the scrap car and see what it is like.
  14. Is it possible to buy the rear section of the chassis for a saloon or are they get like hens teeth. Couldn't see them on motomobil.
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