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  1. i think expressed do one.sit down before you see the price :)
  2. i have found about 500 of these clips,they were labelled as 'ford body moulding clips.6 unc' wanted to sort out how many Matt cortina would need :)
  3. any reason why these might not work though ?
  4. found these clips and they fit in the chrome side trims.anyone know how many it takes for a 4 door including boot trim ?
  5. a proper pain to find these,just repaired the best one i could find for my S1 .worth asking on here
  6. good condition ghia alloy wheel.been sat in a garage for about 20 years :)has a few marks as shown in pic. tyre will be removed.collection from herts north london area £15.
  7. how do the prices compare to steel bonnets and boots ? were the original ones from ford just ally skins on steel frames ?
  8. fella has got his glass, thanks to do it sideways :)
  9. a mate of my brother is urgently looking for a passenger door glass for his mates mk3 cortina 2 door gt.it's all he needs to get the car on the road.bodyshop broke it :(
  10. used to call them minstrals round our way :thumbup:
  11. just wondering if the centre comes off the chrome surround ?and if there is an easy way to do it ?
  12. after a slow start i ended the day seeing 7 mk1 cortinas,2 estates,1 4 door gt,2 lhd 2 door mk1's,early/late and 2 rhd deluxe mk1's :) and 1 S1 mk2 lotus cortina,all in lock-ups :) and got given this mk3 item :)
  13. only in hatfield :) collection on thursday evening if possible.
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