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  1. got any pics please
  2. as title says , just seeing if any out there as my springs are in need of replacement
  3. think its still available , give him a call
  4. ill wil try to get time to go dig em , if i dont im sure we can arrange something out
  5. as title front pair of spax adjustables ,in working order but obviously not mint and all shiny ,removed from my car can take to cortina day 40 pounds i have the rears too ,i just not 100% where they are atm ,but 1 is not adjusting on the valve so i could include the pair for an extra 10 ?
  6. Gavin XRS

    2.3 radiator

    yup the tx rad is a total bugger to fit in the mk4
  7. hello everyone , after a replacement mk4 /mk5 rear braided flexi hose as being silly ive damaged mine , and wondered if anyone has one or a set for sale ? thank you
  8. Gavin XRS

    Mk4 power rack

    its an option but just wanted to see if anyone had one first
  9. Gavin XRS

    Mk4 power rack

    Hi , i know its a long shot but xrs's power rack is on its way out , has anyone got a new rack knocking around ? thanks
  10. perfect also for an S replica too !
  11. im going to see Craig tomorrow i could pick the glass up and take it to leicester if someone can relay it from me or could meet at the m1 j21 to pass it on ????
  12. the chap will measure the spline on the rack tomorrow and let me know , i didnt realise there was 2 types tbh lol
  13. hi , ive been asked to locate a steering coupler (between the power rack and the steering column) for my friends mk4 24v cortina , has anyone got a standard one for sale please ?
  14. Still looking for a pair or even one side ,w/h/y ? thanks
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