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  1. Think I have a wishbone somewhere. Let me check next time I'm up in my garage
  2. Think I have a pair of Pinto engine mounts. Can check at the weekend if that would help. Can't help with prop or axle though
  3. dgo

    Mk5 parts,

    No I can't find that either
  4. dgo

    Pinto backfiring

    Do you have the old dizzy? If so does it run OK with that fitted?
  5. dgo

    Wanted.. 34ICH WEBER 2ltr

    Ah thanks. As always though you will be posting us some photos?? Love those original Transits, was lucky enough to see the original Supervan close-up once though you'd be looking for a brace of Webers if you went that route 😂
  6. dgo

    Wanted.. 34ICH WEBER 2ltr

    Specific reason you want to go that way rather than the more usual 32/36 which might be easier to find?
  7. In terms of your "being too tight" question. That shouldn't be possible as long as you have the metal spacer/sleeve that's fitted inside the bush. The big washers press against the ends of that rather than being just a tight fit on the bushes
  8. If you're on a computer when you click in the box to type a paperclip and "Drag files here to attach, or choose files" dialogue pops up at the bottom of the box - like this:
  9. I have an original Ford Mk3 workshop manual if that's of interest. Not sure which engine it covers, happy to check
  10. I have a spare injection head which needs a valve seat replaced. PM me if that's of interest to you
  11. https://www.burtonpower.com/thermostat-housing-ford-sohc-pinto-early-type-ft1072.html
  12. dgo


  13. Have a careful juggle, usually the 4 speed ones can be made to fit with a little fettling
  14. OK great no problem. Sorry I couldn't help
  15. Craig is this the type you're after?
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