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  1. TIB parcel sent, details on your Email and IM. Please let me know they arrive OK
  2. TIB you have another PM
  3. Craig's the expert here but I've always understood that there are two different sizes of Mk5 saloon windscreen glass which need a wider or narrower rubber surround so they fit the same sized opening in the car body, I think that's what he means above Hopefully he'll will pop by to confirm. Assuming that's right - you're looking not only for a fairly hard to find screen rubber but the right sized one for your glass! (sorry) Separately the Mk5 estate uses the Mk4 screen
  4. Please check your inbox. More photos
  5. You should have PM with photo
  6. You can bolt Mk2 Granny calipers to a Cortina upright
  7. Think I have a pair somewhere. Will need a refurb, let me check over the weekend
  8. That's more than frustrating. I agree though, I don't tend to post up rare parts until I have my hands on them
  9. I didn't realise even pattern parts are so expensive now....phew: Link
  10. Looks nice. Glad you found the necessary replacement.
  11. Sorry can't help with the front clip but would like to see photos of the car. Should be a good looking 1930's style car if I remember right
  12. Rear droplinks? Any chance of photos of precisely which parts you need
  13. Looks good. Link here: https://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/ford/cortina/aetv64465078
  14. Love the colour, that's going to look very very smart when it's completed
  15. Wow love that looks very original and in great condition too
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