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  1. Looks nice. Glad you found the necessary replacement.
  2. Sorry can't help with the front clip but would like to see photos of the car. Should be a good looking 1930's style car if I remember right
  3. Rear droplinks? Any chance of photos of precisely which parts you need
  4. Looks good. Link here: https://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/ford/cortina/aetv64465078
  5. Wow love that looks very original and in great condition too
  6. dgo

    MK4/MK5 Exaust

    They're available on order from Carparts4less for ~£30 if you use their discount code: Link In theory in stock with free delivery from Partsinmotion: Link Or from your favourite auction site
  7. dgo

    Mk3/4/5 back axle

    Yes only Atlas in 3.75 as far as I know (I'm sure Craig can confirm). Careful with Atlas axles though they come in 3.44 from 2.3 engined cars and by the sound of things with your wheel size you don't need that Question for you on the halfshafts - you're certain they''re the issue and not buckled wheels? Just had to ask
  8. dgo

    Mk3/4/5 back axle

    That's actually quite a good combination. The gear ratio with those wheels and tyres gives you just under 23mph per 1000 RPM or just over 3000revs at 70 mph in top A standard 2 litre cortina with a 3.75 final drive and a type 9 gearbox (which quite a lot of us have fitted) on standard wheels and tyres give a very similar 22.3mph per thousand revs and 3100 revs at 70mph in 5th gear
  9. dgo

    Mk3/4/5 back axle

    To check the ratio on yours check: 1. If you're lucky there is be a tag under one of the diff cover bolts with "3.89" or whatever is the final drive ratio in your axle. Unlikely that's been changed so you can stop there. 2. If not then lift one side of the car (properly supported etc as you're going to end up lying underneath it), undo the prop bolts, put some chalk/tape on the tyre that's off the ground, turn the diff flange and count accurately how many turns are needed to rotate the tyre one revolution. Divide by 2 and you have your final drive ratio By the way what gearbox and wheel/tyre size are you running?
  10. Is this what you need?
  11. Stellars had a 20mm rear ARB, front suspension on later Stellars was completely different. Early Stellars are like hens teeth these days
  12. The ones like this? Linky
  13. Think I have a wishbone somewhere. Let me check next time I'm up in my garage
  14. Think I have a pair of Pinto engine mounts. Can check at the weekend if that would help. Can't help with prop or axle though
  15. dgo

    Mk5 parts,

    No I can't find that either
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