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  1. You can go to 55A with the Lucas connector like the one in the link I posted. Not seen a Tina that needs more than that. Old ACRs are ~30A
  2. I got fed up with replacing/repairing ACR alternators on my Mk4. I want for an A127 like this: Link If you go that route make sure you get then version with the correct plug and not the screw in terminals
  3. Looks in better condition than when it came out of the factory!
  4. I've used Speedy Cables (Link) though that was quite a few years ago. Might be worth calling them
  5. Might be worth seeking out an Esso station "Although our pumps have E5 labels on them, our Synergy Supreme+ 99 is actually ethanol free (except, due to technical supply reasons, in Devon, Cornwall, North Wales, North England and Scotland)": Link
  6. I thought Monroe still sold shox for early Transits? Just checked - example here: Link
  7. +1 for not using pure copper. Definitely get the cupronickle stuff that's been properly tested and certified
  8. Question - what problem are you having? On your servo question I'd have thought that should be enough vacuum. Have you tested the servo - two thoughts: 1. With the car turned off press the brake pedal several times, on the last time hold the pedal down (you don't need to press the pedal really hard). With your still foot on the brake pedal start the car. If the servo is working the pedal should drop a bit 2. On the converse run the car without pressing the brake, turn off the car, have someone listen near the servo as you press the brake, they should be able to hear air rush into the servo when you press the brake pedal
  9. While they're off the car do the bushes if you're not already planning that
  10. I drilled the ones out on my Mk4. I used an undersized drill bit to avoid drilling into the arm itself then sliced the end off the rivet with a cold chisel I drilled from the flat end rather than trying to drill from the domed side
  11. dgo

    battery ?

    I fitted mine with a 075 battery and some round/square terminal post adapters like these Link
  12. dgo

    Crusader 1.6

    Wow that's better than Ford turned them out of the factory!
  13. dgo

    Cortina Brake Servo

    Think I might have a Mk4 one around somewhere, would that work?
  14. +1 to both. Well done!
  15. Question - given the 3L engine is heavier even than a Pinto the adjustables might be an important feature
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