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  1. +1 to both. Well done!
  2. Question - given the 3L engine is heavier even than a Pinto the adjustables might be an important feature
  3. That's the right combination. Do you know where it's hitting? Also what condition are your engine mounts in?
  4. Brakes should be fine but as Craig says not over-assisted. Assume you have bled them carefully and made sure the rears are adjusted? It's been done before - you can install the front calipers upside down. The bleed nipples go at the top....Just in case
  5. Like these? https://www.motomobil.com/en/products/turn-indicator-complete-right-hand-white-reproduction-60818332-2 https://www.motomobil.com/en/products/turn-indicator-complete-left-hand-white-reproduction-60818342-2
  6. Gaz (adjustable): https://www.rallydesign.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=133_1036_1051_1052&products_id=8640 Can get them from multiple places at different prices
  7. Wow that does look really, really good
  8. Watching the video again, personally I would start with ignition then the carb setup
  9. As above: 1. Check plug leads are all correct 2. Check gap, dwell and timing on the distributor 3. Check all the pipes leading into the inlet manifold are sealed ok. 4. Check the cam is timed properly. 5. What cam - are the valve gaps right for that specific cam 6. Have you set the carb up after its rebuild? What carb? 7. Is the engine earth fitted ok. 8. Where are you? There might be a member nearby who would be willing to help
  10. Any good? Stripped and coated in Kurust a few years ago, otherwise bare.
  11. Might have a pair. Let me check
  12. TIB parcel sent, details on your Email and IM. Please let me know they arrive OK
  13. TIB you have another PM
  14. Craig's the expert here but I've always understood that there are two different sizes of Mk5 saloon windscreen glass which need a wider or narrower rubber surround so they fit the same sized opening in the car body, I think that's what he means above Hopefully he'll will pop by to confirm. Assuming that's right - you're looking not only for a fairly hard to find screen rubber but the right sized one for your glass! (sorry) Separately the Mk5 estate uses the Mk4 screen
  15. Craig said they are about 3" shorter and as always he knows his stuff. Reading this whole thread from the beginning did you ever follow up Euroflow? They list an estate rear box: http://www.euroflo.co.uk/Catalogue/Ford/Cortina/EuroFlo Exhaust Systems.aspx
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