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  1. here is Dave johnsons cortina pink 1600e the last of his collection of cars this is a very solid shell all the welding has been done new front and rear panels and slam there are also most of the parts to put the car back together
  2. looking for front door cards in black. for a mk3 2000e with no speaker holes cut in them
  3. i am near heathrow got one out a ready to go
  4. i am near heathrow got one out a ready to go
  5. luckyblack

    1600e spares

    breaking this 1600e .shell not to bad does not need a lot doing but have loads of spares that came with the car. Running gear not for sale
  6. Good call jonno you know what some people are like!!!!! yes sorry lads the car is rotton underneath
  7. MK2 FRONT VALANCE NOS FOR SALE,this a FORD panel not a reproduction.Bought in 1991 from the local Ford dealer.
  8. breaking complete 1600e
  9. i thing it is time to put this to bed
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