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  1. pjb1969

    Mk4 wanted

    Is there any mk4’s about for sale ? Anyone got a project they wont get round to etc, any model considered but must be standard/original. Please let me know if anythings about.
  2. Although they list stuff they have nothing i need in stock
  3. Thanks, i know the bracket is different but was unsure about the bottle, just realised the bottle i have is a mk2 granada so i need the correct mk4 cortina bottle and pipework, clips, wiring/relay, bracket etc
  4. Im after any mk4 headlamp washer parts, mainly the bottle bracket, mk4 type (bolt on rather than welded like mk5) id buy a really nice bottle too also any pipework/clips and the wiring (extra little piece of loom and relay) thanks
  5. Im after a decent set of mk4 saloon GL door cards in black cash waiting thanks
  6. I know, but dont ask dont get
  7. I know im probably asking for something that doesn’t exist as they were rare in the day never mind now, but does anyone have or know to a set of front and rear chocolate chevron mk4 S seats as per 1979 spec, willing travel and pay good money for a decent set. There were several colour stripe options in the pattern, any colour stripe will do me. Seats themselves must be chocolate brown. Any contacts where i could get some cloth reproduced would possibly do. Thanks
  8. Ive been out of cortina ownership for many years but i now fancy another, got to be a mk4, not got a huge budget so will be looking at a project, im looking for a mk4, preferably a standard unmodified car, i know there thin on the ground but worth an ask, anything considered resto project etc so let me know if you have anything please.
  9. Im posting this on behalf of a friend thats not really computer/forum savy, he's after a 1600E as nice as possible, ideally a mint car ready to drive and enjoy, he wants a standard car and preferably as original as possible, will pay good money for the right car and travel anywhere. He is not a hands on man, more a sunday wash and polish man so wouldnt want anything needing much work, a car needing slight paint improvements etc would be okay if the rest of the car was good. Please let me know if anyone knows to anything. Thanks in advance.
  10. Ive had a few cortinas over the years but have now decided that if Im ever to have another it has to be my ultimate cortina, a lotus, mk1's are now way out of my budget in any condition as are nice mk2's but I thought it may be worth putting the feelers out for something at the cheaper end of the lotus cortina ownership ie a mk2 and a project. I am in no rush, would be willing to travel and would consider any condition as long as its a genuine lotus.
  11. Im no expert but i assumed that a GT would be the rarer than an E therefore making it more valuable, ive seen a lot more 1600E`s for sale than GT`s over the years.
  12. I would say its definately worth someone chasing it up as according to ebay its a 1 previous owner 1600 GT Category / Vehicle Type Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles > Cars > Ford Change vehicle type Product details Number of Previous Owners: 1 Date of 1st Registration (DD/MM/YYYY): 19681002 Type: Standard Car Manufacturer: Ford Model Year (YYYY): Model: Other Engine Size (cc): 1599 Fuel: Petrol Colour: Silver Descriptive Listing Title FORD CORTINA 1600 GT SILVER
  13. Is the chassis number not stamped on the inner wing on a mk4 and on the floor of a mk5 between the inner sill and drivers seat ? or am i thinking of mk3 and mk4, If you can find the chassis/vin number HPI the number and this will show the reg number, seems a shame to scrap what looks to be a savable and rare mk4. Good luck.
  14. Update, The car has now been sold to colin14, If anyone is interested in any parts it may be worth dropping him a pm him as he only wants to race it so i should think he would be willing to sell spares off it. Regards Paul.
  15. Hello all, Ive now bought the 2.0 GLS mk5 that was recently on ebay, it may sound completely barmy but i only bought it for the front spots/brackets/wiring and to swap a few other minor parts with my mk5 as the guy i had it off was not willing to sell me just the parts i wanted, so i once ive removed the spots etc i will be looking to move it on or may even break it depending on the interest. The car is now in birmingham and i have V5 and old mots. The car is a 1980 2.0 GLS (even states GLS on V5 so S pack from factory not dealer fitted) its red matalic with brown cloth trim, the body is tatty and there is a large hole in the boot as you can see in pics on the original ebay listing, it starts and drives but hasnt been on thee road for a good few years, the engine is the usual smokey pinto. Heres some recent pics that the guy i bought it off took I think realistictly its a breaker or a banger as although its fairly solid i think its a bit too rough to warrant puting back on the road so i am open to offers for the whole lot or parts. Heres a link to the ebay ad by the original seller a few weeks ago for more info http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574629005&toolid=10001&campid=5335900709&customid=&mpre=http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...e=STRK:MEDWX:IT Let me know if anyones interested Cheers Paul.
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