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  1. Will try and add some pics SOLD I was saving to have it painted but something else came up its like me looks better at distance have owned for 7 yrs...tax and test exempt any questions comments welcome....cheers kev
  2. I named this car ages ago "corkys flyer" because it was and it does
  3. Your a gent sir..I have been doing some digging and it seems SA seats are different.As in your post my car originally had a rear center arm rest. I think i am going to have to make something for now,and keep a sharp eye out for seats/parcel shelf sales Its people like you that make this forum so good
  4. Thank you so much. I am still scratching my head? I have seen on this site someone posted with picture corktina car with armrest and it was green cadiz? I have never really paid that much attention to rear parcel shelfs. Mine is flat but a very poor fit,so really it should suit my seat(non arm rest). The pictures are great and the seats look the same as when you delivered them, bit cleaner. I might have to make a shelf. I might take the car to a seat restorer to see what they think. I will try and find the post i mentioned. Thanks again you are most helpfull
  5. Yes it is his old car. The rear seat is taunus(no arm rest)to be honest all this time the rear seats were just placed!I have managed to fix them they are close to cortina but slightly different. The parcel shelf never quite fitted,I dont know if it is original suspect it has been altered what ever it is. It looked a lot better until i fitted some speakers. It has this rubber stuff? running across the back shelf?is this why some models have a hump? I thought if i can get a correct shelf i can make a much better job of it. To be honest if i could find a decent set of black seats front and back i would change. I love the green cadiz but it is past its best back and front not very noticeable but will only get worst.Thanks for replies chaps
  6. Not to sure i assumed there would be one type.The one in the car is flat but has been trimmed. I read that it should be in place by 3 rivets?this bit is obviously missing?Also it does not fully meet the screen? When shelf removed there is a rubberish sort of material going across.I assume this is sound deadoning?..the shelf has never been a good fit but i lived with it...now i have fitted two shelf speakers it pulls the shelf down in front of said rubber hump which has lifted the back. My thinking is get/make a proper shelf and start again.....I thank you for your reply it is much appreciated as is your knowledge....cheers kev
  7. As above anyone got one intact not trimmed or altered prefer black but not essential
  8. KRT

    Ghia wheels

    He is my friend i will call him tomorrow and give him a nudge
  9. KRT

    Mk5 cortina wheel studs.

    if they are same as sierra i bought some a while back in fords just before the medway tunnel. had them in stock
  10. This week yes Probable for yat but if not deffo something up your ways,mk1 or mk3 nationals(fancy a change from yat) Can look after it as long as you like Cheers kev
  11. i can do its 15/20 mins from me so not a prob
  12. KRT

    how to donate

    I know the board is new and i am getting used to it,feel xmasy and want to donate,i cant find the donate thingy Someone point the ol duffer in the right direction kev
  13. KRT

    Mk5 two door

    I have pm you twice ,no reply,07803624906 pls txt me or call....cheers kev
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