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  1. KRT

    how to donate

    I know the board is new and i am getting used to it,feel xmasy and want to donate,i cant find the donate thingy Someone point the ol duffer in the right direction kev
  2. KRT

    Mk5 two door

    I have pm you twice ,no reply,07803624906 pls txt me or call....cheers kev
  3. KRT

    Void bush tool

    Back in the day we used to do it with sockets/studding/penny washers Them there on flea bay are dear but in your area got to be worth a punt Jobs are so much easier with the right tools :icecream: kev
  4. Gummidge in another account?you have lost me there(not hard) why has the car got one missing have you bought it like it? Dagenham aint a million miles from me I used to have a mk2 so i have these left over A good pair and one odd that would get you out of trouble........ :playball: kev
  5. I got three all second hand ...why you want one?...mine are cast two very good one a bit doubtfull What area are you?...kev
  6. KRT

    Void Bush tool

    Saying what area might prompt someone :thumbup:
  7. KRT

    Crusader wheel

    If you dont get any other offers i have a good one getting in my way in the garage yours for free.can bring to hastings or sooner looks like i am going to stratford on avon 6.7 aug.has good tyre sent you pic if you want......kev
  8. Not good on pricing but i saw it first time at hastings years ago when i first met martin That car was as clean underneath as top side,if still as good well worth what your asking :playball:
  9. KRT

    Fuel Tank Sender

    Any good to you mk1/2 estate :playball: kev
  10. Sorry but sold to someone else on here,did reply to your pm as have something else may or may not interest you?cheers kev
  11. Provisionaly sold sorry other peeps :playball: kev
  12. Took these off my car,lazer alloys with wide tyres Been running these since i bought the car No wobble/air loss,look ok loads of tread tyres are directional,two wheels have balance wieghts Looking for £100 pound,poss deliver kent,south east could meet you at a show? Thought i would try on here before the fleabay route....... :sofa: kev No center caps Thanks for looking ....kev
  13. KRT


    Yes i have several sets of varying condition from good to as new?(sold to me under that description ha ha never even looked in box. I can look tomorrow if you like and take pics :playball: kev Am talking lenses /metal trim/rubbers
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