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  1. Craig, you are correct, that was Bob Haslams. I was talking to him about it when he arrived.
  2. Superb work Greg :thumbup: Having not been on the forum for a long time, after speaking to Jim at the weekend, he put me onto the thread. I actually met you and spent a long time chatting to you at The Performance Ford Show in Stafford in 1992 when you had ULN. I was a spotty 18 year old back then. I look forward to seeing this car progress. Tony
  3. The Minichamps Cortina, Vanguards Sapphire/Escort are now sold Everything else is still available
  4. Lotus Cortina is now sold.
  5. Quartzo Capri Group 5 Mampe Livery £15 plus postage Minichamps Fiesta 1995 Silver. 1 of 744. No outer cardboard sleeve. £17 plus postage Trofeu Subaru Impreza Humberside Police. No cardboard outer sleeve. £12.50 plus postage Autoart Mazda RX8 Start Blue £10 plus postage
  6. Another 1/43 Model clearout. I could do with these shifted so no sensible offer will be refused. These are already cheaper than EBay. Minichamps Lotus Cortina £50 plus postage Vanguards Sierra Sapphire GLS £14 plus postage Vanguards Escort Mk1 Suffolk Police £10 plus postage Vanguards Capri 2.8 Injection Haynes Set £13 plus postage
  7. Ford Cortina Mk5 Ghia Press Photo Its not a copy but a spare that I have. £5 posted UK
  8. Up for grabs is Abigail's Car Seat which she has now outgrown. (Although technically not a Cortina part, it can be used in your Cortina just like Gav's USB Spindle Stereo Units.) The seat is a Recaro Young Expert Plus Group 1 Car Seat which is suitable for childs weight 9kg-18kg, age approx 9months - 4.5 years. Abi is average height/weight etc and just 4 and is now ready for the next size up. She went into it at a year old with the extra padding, which is stored in the original box that the seat came in. Its in immaculate condition and finished in Black/Aquavit. It was a direct match for the trim in my Mondeo Ghia and still looks good against the leather in my Ghia X so wont look out of place in a Cortina with dark interior. Im looking at £70 ono for it and collection will have to made from Medway, Kent :thumbup:
  9. Nice one Martin :showoff: :thumbup:
  10. Looks great :thumbup: Did he save the spoiler?
  11. Having visited Paul on my way home from work on Saturday and seen this car in the metal, all I can say that the car is a credit to Paul and I need to make a start on recommisioning my GLS
  12. Here is what you do Paul: Fit the alloys as I think you will prefer the look of them teamed up with the spoilers. If you dont like them, fit the steels. I would definitely fit a Series X Sticker although I made my own badges as the stickers werent available back in 1997. The whole point about Series X was you could have the whole lot or just what you fancied.
  13. I followed you up Detling Hill a few months ago. Old Skool stickers merged in with the original Ford stamped letters on the tailgate looked good :thumbup:
  14. Give me a few days notice then Paul ! :thumbup:
  15. You have PM regarding the Mondeo Alloys
  16. Jary is in the garage Paul if you want a butchers at some point. Wont take long to get it up on stands if you want a nosey ...
  17. Up for grabs is a copy of Performance Ford from April 1993. This issue had a feature on the Cortina XR6 that now belongs to Graham. £4.50 including recorded delivery postage. It may sound steep but over £2.50 goes to the Royal Mail. Similar issues start at £6 on the dreaded ebay.
  18. Id be interested if you can find the cable that mates the two together :thumbup:
  19. Automatic badges were not fitted to the Mk5s They stopped being used with the Mk4 Cortina, Mk2 pre 1981 facelift Granada. I cant recall if they were used on the Mk2 Escort. Capris after 1983 were not fitted with an automatic decal.
  20. 83-GLS

    Recaros mk5

    Relatively speaking, GLS Recaros are easier to find than LS ones. Ive only ever seen two sets of LS seats; the ones from the red car that was broken up and the ones in Pauls LS. GLS Recaros do come up on ebay occasionaly.
  21. Just got the RS1600i left for now
  22. Are you Greg Worley by any chance? Ive got the article too and remember having a long chat with you back in 1992 at the Performance Ford 5th Birthday bash at Stafford. I also assisted Bill Munro in writing his Carbodies Book and notice that you are credited in there as well with Barry Priestman
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