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  1. we changed the water pump as it had the wrong one in the box when we fitted it so when it got up to temp it pumped the water out, we are trying something tomorrow which hopefully works although i am sceptical
  2. I have a mk4 which I have recently converted to a zetec engine this week is the first time I have used it in the cold and the heater is stone cold I have drained and flushed it but the pipes are not getting hot but the car gets to halfway on the gauge and will sit there for hours, I have checked and the heater flap is moving, pouring boiling water directly into the matrix gives a blast of warm air, Has anyone else done this conversion could the heater pipes be connected wrong? The top outlet on the heater matrix is going to the union on the retroford water rail
  3. Have a mk4 steering rack without coupling for spares or repairs, requires rebuild and has on mounting lug broke off but comes with it so could be welded back on £ 30 collection from Bolton or can post for cost
  4. could stalling be failing condensor had that happen a couple of times to me starts first time but doesnt rev
  5. i have never been impressed with the east kent trim ones they always seem to deform and leak on the front bottom corners of the doors
  6. I have fiited a zetec on bike carbs to my mk 4 but there are issues with clearance with the carbs almost touching the servo/master cylinder, is there an alterative arrangement i could use? I know some people fit remote servos but what is involved as i dont want to butcher the car if i can avoid it in case i ever want to put it back to original
  7. dmc

    more clearout bits

    sierra dohc dizzy cap rotor arm and ignition leads all new £40 capri pinto top hose £5 set 4 top and bottom balljoints to suit mk3-5 £25 sierra/Granada dohc starter (delco remy unit) new £45 can post any of above for cost or collection from bolton
  8. have a mt 75 gearbox and sierra propshaft to suit twin cam conversion, collection from Bolton £220 for both or may split if enough interest
  9. dmc

    mk3-5 bits

    yes brake pedal gone
  10. dmc

    More bits

    Pinto auto rad £30 Pinto air cleaner has slight burn nark on top £12
  11. dmc

    mk3-5 bits

    Will get a pic tomorrow for you
  12. dmc

    mk3-5 bits

    Yes the gearshift is the t shifter
  13. dmc

    mk3-5 bits

    Automatic brake pedal £15 pinto front pipe been on car approx 8months £10 magnacor leads (10mm) and high power coil for pinto been on car 6 months £60 both 2.0 pinto cam belt cover £15 tx1 taxi radiator brand new was going to use for dohc conversion £45 2.0 dohc injection plenium £5 c3 shifter £10 Can post any of the above for cost
  14. Does anyone have a crank pulley for a dohc engine as I have just come to reassemble the engine I I putting in and realised there is a big chunk missingon mine
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