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  1. fogg5446

    for sale or raffle

    Yup count me in i'll have a a few!
  2. Great! You'll be pleased to know that the pioneer cd player is still in it! Works great thanks! Yeah i think you are right about the rs alloys definately like them alot more than the standard ghia set. I think maybe in a few months when the weather becomes a bit nicer i might replace the valence and the panel damaged in the crash. Yeah i welded up the inner cills for the mot last year. it had also gone around the rear of the outer cills but not too badly, car is still on the original cills. I would love to keep it but its a money thing! I'll see how things go!
  3. Hello there, just wondering are you the guy i bought it off in essex? I bought it from ebay about a year and a half ago now. Still got the car, just wondering what to do with it now! She does look very very nice in those pics! unfortunately you probably heard about the accident, just figuring out if i should keep it and do the repairs or sell it on as is! Would love to know some history on it!
  4. Give these guys a call they might be able to sort you out, i have got stuff from them pretty quick. Old Parts Store
  5. Got a few days left on it but worth keeping an eye on Master Cylinder
  6. Hi there i'll try and get some pictures for you tomorow as its been chucking it down all day and it was dark once i got home from work! The exhaust is still blowing, i had a quick look at the back box and there is a hole in it at the bottom so would probably need a new back box. The front brakes i havent touched, the calipers could probably do with a rebuild, feels to me like the nearside front brake could be the problem. Any more questions don't hesitate to ask Cheers
  7. Just a quick one to say that this car is still for sale. Basically i have fitted a new head light and grille, but the damage to the panel under the headlight is still there along with the dents on the bonnet. I have straightned out the bumper a bit and put that back on also. There a new front panel (one undet the headlights) included with the car, its a original ford part, got slight bit of surface rust but should be fine. The car is running but it cuts out when slowing down or accelerating hard from a stand still. Car still got a alot of mot and tax till the end of the year. If i can get £600 for the car as it is i am happy (ono) it is drivable but like i said it cuts out sometimes so maybe on a truck or trailer would be the best thing. Cheers
  8. What you need to look for is a granada mk2 front skirt. They will fit with a bit of cutting down as the granny was a wider car. If you find a original cortina one then you would be very lucky as they are rare! The one on the front of mine is a granny item.
  9. Make me an offer i'll only say yes or no, i am sure we can come to some agreement if you are interested. Pm me if you are interested in the car. thanks Simon
  10. Cheers for that mate, i'll keep an eye on that, or if anyone is still interested in the car, there is the bit you will need!
  11. Here is some pics of the damage, the grill is now back on the car.
  12. Can you post some pictures of the damage please Hi there I have refitted a few bits back to the car now so its roadworthy. Its got a new headlight and i just got a new grill this morning from a member on here. I will take some pics of the damage before the grille is put back on. To tell you the truth its not 2 bad but i'll let you judge that for yourself. Cheers!
  13. fogg5446

    Mk5 grille

    i need a mk5 grille for my ghia, or even a mk4 chrom surround grille, might look quite nice. If anyone has anything like that send me a pm
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