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  1. The electric fuel pump solved this and 2/3 years on still no issues with hot starting.
  2. Congratulations on the new addition dave and the boy looks well too!!!!all the best to your family
  3. I'm only in Stanwell and have a couple of mk1s if you need any help. Pm me Regards lee
  4. Pro flex are cheap and decent quality. Buy 2.8 Capri bushes there orange but good and fit mk1cortina with modified rear spring hanger
  5. I bought steel braided fuel pipes they look good at first but collect crap and when the rubber did go after 4/5years It wasn't apparent where it was coming from as you can't see the rubber through the braid
  6. That looked a straight car for 6000 no wonder it sold quick.
  7. jim clarks road car, a lotus cortina 550VAR had independant rear suspension probably what chapman would have put on all lotus cortinas had ford not put finantail/buisness constraints on first. im pretty sure it had the donut type drive shafts that the elan had. im sure keith and steve booker have pics off the suspension set up.
  8. in a mk1 i found an old local news paper, when i read the football reports i was in it as i used to play semi pro. it was weird as i can still remember the exact game.
  9. super job your doing there dave. front wings for mk1s are getting very rare and fetch good money even in poor state. ebay them and try to use something else for inners. youd be helping others and you will nick a few quid. keep the pics coming loving this thread lee
  10. lee b

    My mk1

    Hi Steve, The problem with the lotus colours is every one comes up and asks is that a real lotus. The majority of classic car enthusiasts don't know the difference but know the colour scheme. You will find after being asked for the 10th time at a show is this real it will start to pea you off because you have to say no its not a real lotus. When they see a different colour they will ask about the rebuild or stance or engine or how long it took. These are the questions that we all like to discuss for hours on end. Steve I've had 2 doors in lotus colours and would never go that way again, my latest is blue and orange gulf colours it bit larey but good in its own right. But it's your car and lotus and ford got it spot on with that ermine white sherwood green colours Lee
  11. looks a top job on the headlining, mind looks top job everywhere you look on this car
  12. I have a road going trackday car insured with af its heavily nodded. I pay 260 which is steep as I do about 600 miles a year. They asked for the list of modifications but had no idea what they really were. Probably pulled the figure260out of thin air and that's what I pay. The mk1 lotus 150, splitty 100 all with diamond in heartfordshire on decent agreed value.
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