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  1. you can use Capri ones and stretch them in the middle to fit the cortina grill
  2. if you don't get sorted i definitely have the axle and prop Nottinghamshire
  3. I have everything you don't like but the car is stunning
  4. I should have all the internal bits , i don't have the heater box tho should have a matrix too
  5. Paul, you got any pictures mate, is yours like a bottle green?
  6. Paul, Could you get me some pictures of the seats, carpet wings and indicators and a price Cheers Andy
  7. Are there any tears in them? how much you after for seats and door cards and carpet? What state are the front wings and indicators in?
  8. What colour are the seats please Paul?
  9. I may have a decent one from a mk 3 if it helps. how much are you after
  10. I'm interested do you know what ration it is and where in the country are you
  11. Steve, it will fit a mk4, the carpet came out of a mk3 XL it is the long loop pile. it is showing it's age but will clean up, are you on whats app? if so pm me your mobile number and i'll ping over some closer pictures
  12. Sorry mate i'm in new ollerton ng22 9tz i've been changing a steering rack this evening
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