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  1. nmonkey220


    I've got both ignition barrel / Locks and switch from memory the switch i have has a black square plug
  2. I have a Mk5 estate which i am breaking, No engine but most other things available. Just ask...
  3. nmonkey220

    Mk5 Estate

    Drop Craig a message
  4. nmonkey220

    Mk5 Estate

    Go for it Craig i never thought about the mk3 being different
  5. nmonkey220

    Mk5 Estate

    Not great mate i have 2 out of the 3 that i have found so far, the tailgate trim has lots of little nicks in it, i may be able to make a set up from others i have but they are all over the place at the mo. if you remind me in a couple of months i may have some. what colour are you looking for?
  6. nmonkey220

    Mk5 Estate

    Paul, it's rotten at the bottom mate it's knackered
  7. nmonkey220

    Mk5 Estate

    Breaking Mk5 Estate, Most bits available, i would like to keep it rolling let me know what you want
  8. nmonkey220

    Duke Blues

    Thats Fantastic,
  9. could you get any pics Gary
  10. Put a couple of pics up so we can see what you need
  11. Mk3 PFL 3D printed Steering Column shroud Ring Stronger than the original as these don't have the little nicks in them £17.50 Plus Postage
  12. Mk3 PFL 3D Printed Choke Cable Blanks £15 Plus Postage
  13. I need to go in the shed later i may have one
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