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  1. consul315


    Not that i could help, but i suppose it s for a MK 4?
  2. Wow congrstulations, you seem to have a nice collection of Cortinas!
  3. Perhaps you watch Capri seats as well, as they come up more "often" (though you have to strip them and take some of the pattern). Just checked ebay germany, as i found some there many years ago.
  4. i second that. i miss the time when BSC was a very busy place 😪
  5. i guess the auctioner isn t much into cars as he didn t mention Lotus on the MK2 and not GT on th Mk1. and i ve never heard of a Gilb-U-rn before: nice Gilbern: https://bidonline.ncmauctions.co.uk/auctions/7248/ncm-au10227/lot-details/bf13a6a5-38e8-4a79-a8af-aae9015493a6
  6. and a Crayford too: https://bidonline.ncmauctions.co.uk/auctions/7248/ncm-au10227/lot-details/d9f83ad0-0e80-4742-8f4b-aae4015898f4
  7. in case you want the old style look without disposal sign, though reading Escort MK1/2 i fear it might get pricey? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-ESCORT-MK1-RS2000-MK2-RS2000-MK2-MEXICO-EFL-90-MOTORCRAFT-OIL-FILTER-NEW/153699554716?hash=item23c935159c:g:HWoAAOSwxORdtIts
  8. would have a good offer for the engine, if anyone is interested in the rest?
  9. i second that, and at least two very nice Cortinas in as well👍
  10. in the unlikely event any continental users are still watching this site, i d like to offer a july 69 MK2. nothing for a collection and needs restoration. 711m engine fitted. more info to come asap:
  11. yep i second that! and an XL must be rarer than a GXL nowadays? i always preferred a black interior as it looks more sporty, though my GXL is brown too, as is my MK1 Capri (unfortunately)
  12. ups sorry to hear that, though i m not into Merceds i just had a nose at German and Austrian adverts, parts are not too expensive, but problem will be shipping!
  13. it´s quite a long time i ran a MK3 Taunus with a VV carb, but if i remember correct it was 2 very little bores at the acc pump that "closed" and therefore caused troubles. ones the carb is serviced properly it´s not as bad as it´s reputation.
  14. yep Dean, that´s what i recall from memory as well:
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