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  1. consul315

    Fuel tank pick up screen filter

    which model?
  2. consul315

    some NOS Cortina panels and other stuff

    hik sorry, no nos ones!
  3. title was altered after Craig asked, Gary!
  4. consul315

    how to donate

    Thx Neil, a Happy New Year to you as well!
  5. consul315

    how to donate

    ups, haven t seen this! i hope my donation arrived well?
  6. consul315

    Cloud Interior

    sorry for the stupid question, but what is a "cloud" interior?
  7. consul315

    Bog standard mk3 cortina wheels hudcap type

  8. consul315

    Cortina wanted

    yep that is a very,very lovely one! according to the trim i think it´s a Super lacking the outside chrome trim?
  9. consul315

    is there a new forum layout again?

    thx Neil for all your effort!!! and sorry for being a pain, but as computers are not my world i was a bit worried, but now i know!
  10. consul315

    is there a new forum layout again?

    ok thx Neil, now it asks for a display name instead of login name. no idea what this is? i m using a bog standard (old) private computer. sorry for asking silly, but ...
  11. consul315

    is there a new forum layout again?

    maybe a silly question, but either there is, or someone has hacked my computer? had to login and doesn t show some pictures? as i am a computer neanderthal i just want to make sure.
  12. consul315

    Mk1 Outer C panel

    so you saved a few quid :D https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cortina-Mk1-Air-Flow-Roof-Pillar-Trims-With-Grill-/332743876757?hash=item4d7914a095%3Ag%3AqXgAAOSwa3BbYtkO&nma=true&si=UdUJFOBkOYY5Y5wa3E4rCEEitoc%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  13. consul315


    i may have found the requested,though very scarce panel at least i saw one a couple of months at a closed down Ford dealer.i am not 100% sure if it was a pre-facelift, but i think it was?? as soon as i have a day off, i ll have a look there and tell you via pm!
  14. consul315


    what things/parts are you after? maybe i can find sthg for you over here?
  15. consul315


    apart from wrong seats, missing chrome trim, wrong rear badge just to name a few