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  1. as Craig says, also MK2 saloon fits. Estates are different and as are MK3s.
  2. i guess that´s them as well, a pity they collect UK only, though in Covid times i fully understand: https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1200773
  3. hmm that´s one of the nicest alloy wheels for a MK1
  4. has anyone a lh saloon for sale? pfl as in the pic above but lh side plz
  5. what a lovely car!! good luck with the sale (always enjoyed Bromley, hope i can make it there again next year)
  6. and here the English pendant:
  7. you´re welcome, i m always happy to help, though my knowledge on coils spring Cortinas isn t very deep-and on SA cars it´s even more thin. maybe specialists as Craig can tell more. not much i found in my "archive" as well, here is an excerpt of an SA brochure:
  8. perhaps have a wanted ad there-good luck with your search: https://forum.hecktrieb.de/
  9. and maybe this is of interest as well? and just a thought, i guess you could sell the S-seats for good money, as they are hens teeth- though i m not sure if this would be wise if you ever want to sell your nice car
  10. and plain seats (hope you can see photobucket pics ???)-if not plz let me know.
  11. an S never had an armrest, as it had the "plain seats",shaped like the Standard and L-model. divided rear seats and armrest were on GL and Ghia, that´s why they have the "humped" shelf. see here:
  12. Is that Corky's old car? If so i suppose you need the straight one,.as it is an "S". Not sure though if the SA cars had different parcelshelves, as i seem to remember that the S seats i brought Corky were slightly different to the ones in his car.
  13. i think there are vin decoders somewhere on here or on the net, but you can pm me the vin details and i can check for you, if wanted. as said there are many things that don t look correct, but most obvious to me is the small airpan (looks like there is only a single carb "underneath, but maybe not as well-it´s hard to tell without having seen the car). perhaps you can check (see through the alloys), if it has the bigger 9inch rear brakes ("flat" drum) and there would be a lot more to check to be sure.
  14. hard to tell from pics, but as Steve already said, there are a " couple of anomalies ", so maybe worth checking very carefully before you buy it. at first glance i would have said it´s a Series 2 Super with some S1 GT bits added on but plz don t get me wrong, it defo looks a very nice car and could be well worth buying it!
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