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  1. not that i could help, but are you after an early (pre-facelift) as in title or late (facelift or aeroflow) dash as stated in the text?
  2. yep, that s a common problem with them.
  3. ups sorry, just noticed Mark is the seller!
  4. very tempting Tony, good luck with the sale!
  5. as Craig says, also MK2 saloon fits. Estates are different and as are MK3s.
  6. i guess that´s them as well, a pity they collect UK only, though in Covid times i fully understand: https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1200773
  7. hmm that´s one of the nicest alloy wheels for a MK1
  8. has anyone a lh saloon for sale? pfl as in the pic above but lh side plz
  9. what a lovely car!! good luck with the sale (always enjoyed Bromley, hope i can make it there again next year)
  10. and here the English pendant:
  11. you´re welcome, i m always happy to help, though my knowledge on coils spring Cortinas isn t very deep-and on SA cars it´s even more thin. maybe specialists as Craig can tell more. not much i found in my "archive" as well, here is an excerpt of an SA brochure:
  12. perhaps have a wanted ad there-good luck with your search: https://forum.hecktrieb.de/
  13. and maybe this is of interest as well? and just a thought, i guess you could sell the S-seats for good money, as they are hens teeth- though i m not sure if this would be wise if you ever want to sell your nice car
  14. and plain seats (hope you can see photobucket pics ???)-if not plz let me know.
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