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  1. ooohh what a bargain,Keith! (i travelled 1.200 miles to collect a set with Triumph pcd, thought i could fit them to my Europa. they were cheap as well but i never fitted them. )
  2. thx Tony and "J2S", my fav colour for a MK3 would be silver with black vinyl, though i never had the chance to get one
  3. just making plans about this one ( in winter, i have always plenty of plans) and if health allows, i hope to get it ready for the road this year
  4. congratulations, well done! hope you post more pics soon-especially from the interior.
  5. brilliant idea, looks like factory made
  6. as far as i could see in the pdf, it says 70mm pcd as well and it has a horn button, not sure yet, if it has the same size "ring" as the Corsair-maybe you ask the supplier before you order. i ve just done measuremment of the Corsair wheel from the ground, it´s ca 165mm or maybe 160, as it has an aftermarket leather cover fitted. maybe you countercheck your wheel and the "height" of the boss, so you have the same distance from the column:
  7. sorry link doesn t work for me, only see adverts. maybe you can make a drawing with the pcd and hole distance so we can check?
  8. thx Craig , i searched Weller but couldn t find any matching type-maybe one turns up one ebay one day?
  9. a friend of mine is looking for a wheel like the lower one in the second pic. does anybode know what´s this wheel called or who was the manufacturer? any hints are highly appreciated! thx
  10. hi Hunter, yep a pic would be fine and maybe measure the hole distance/diameter.than i can compare with some wheels i have got.
  11. Hi Bill, i had a day off and weather was fine too, so i made a special topic for easier finding it later on. plz have a look in here. if you need addtitional pics plz let me know! btw do you have a Hunter as well?
  12. i m keen on all English Fords, though the Cortina is my main interest. plz give me a couple of days, as i haven t got the car at home. cheers Hans
  13. it should fit concerning the spline (or teeth, not sure if it's the correct english word for it). i know there is a slight difference on the 1600E alloy steering wheel between S1 and S2, to have enough clearance to the column-shroud. i have fitted MK1 steering wheels to MK2s before and never had troubles.it s hard to tell from distance without having seen the boss in the flesh.sorry for not being very helpful, in case the boss is not too expensive i d give it a go, all i can offer is test fit an early and a late Mk2 steering wheel (or a facelift MK1) on my 2000e and let you know within the next days.
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