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  1. great pics of your lovely Ghia in a stunning landscape, John. but i like your dogs aswell, i always used to take mine (Vasco) in the Cortina as well!
  2. i had the same trouble recently wheh i bought a center bearing from motomobil (germany) for a mk1 granada. took the internals only as well, but still have troubles with the propshaft-need the rear end doing up again. good work btw keep the piccies coming plz!
  3. if memory doesn t fool me i think yellow was without servo, red with servo. did yours have the rod that is fixed to the pedal as well (like this from an Escort)?
  4. classic cars have no lobby over here and our n.a.zi. politicians-expecially our child-chancellor wouldn t care anyway, he only cares for rich people. and my dream moving to Uk one day has sadly collapsed with brexit
  5. these are Cromodora aftermarket steel wheels from the 70ies!
  6. oohh that brings tears to my eyes, i just registered a MK1 Granada with 125 hp, i have to pay eur 650,00 (tax only) a year
  7. not sure if these (old ones) are of use in the meantime (otherwise the red aeroflow is a 4door):
  8. at least for the boot some are on here (maybe i can take some from the doors as well, though car is stored amongst others tight, so will take a couple of days):
  9. will check if i can find one?
  10. yep Tony, looks more like a Taunus one. i did comparison pics yrs ago, so you can see the obvious differences:
  11. does anybody know if there are different sizes of the "Halogen"-script. i have a few of them also from other marques (Triumph etc) and they all look the same size (ca 40mm wide). now i ordered some stickers but they were only 30mm, have i missed something or is there really different sizes?
  12. ooohh what a bargain,Keith! (i travelled 1.200 miles to collect a set with Triumph pcd, thought i could fit them to my Europa. they were cheap as well but i never fitted them. )
  13. i think it was because MK3 already had some metric stuff fitted?
  14. once the bezel is removed you can take off the lenses which are held by 3 screws each (red arrows show fixing of the bezel, yellow ovals are lense screws)
  15. just done a few pics to explain, sorry haven t cleaned the parts. first you have to remove the bezel which is held by two "clips" on the outer middle of the frame. you have to push the plastic rod carfully from behind, here is a pic of the genuine plastic fixing:
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