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  1. what a lovely car!! good luck with the sale (always enjoyed Bromley, hope i can make it there again next year)
  2. and here the English pendant:
  3. you´re welcome, i m always happy to help, though my knowledge on coils spring Cortinas isn t very deep-and on SA cars it´s even more thin. maybe specialists as Craig can tell more. not much i found in my "archive" as well, here is an excerpt of an SA brochure:
  4. perhaps have a wanted ad there-good luck with your search: https://forum.hecktrieb.de/
  5. and maybe this is of interest as well? and just a thought, i guess you could sell the S-seats for good money, as they are hens teeth- though i m not sure if this would be wise if you ever want to sell your nice car
  6. and plain seats (hope you can see photobucket pics ???)-if not plz let me know.
  7. an S never had an armrest, as it had the "plain seats",shaped like the Standard and L-model. divided rear seats and armrest were on GL and Ghia, that´s why they have the "humped" shelf. see here:
  8. Is that Corky's old car? If so i suppose you need the straight one,.as it is an "S". Not sure though if the SA cars had different parcelshelves, as i seem to remember that the S seats i brought Corky were slightly different to the ones in his car.
  9. i think there are vin decoders somewhere on here or on the net, but you can pm me the vin details and i can check for you, if wanted. as said there are many things that don t look correct, but most obvious to me is the small airpan (looks like there is only a single carb "underneath, but maybe not as well-it´s hard to tell without having seen the car). perhaps you can check (see through the alloys), if it has the bigger 9inch rear brakes ("flat" drum) and there would be a lot more to check to be sure.
  10. hard to tell from pics, but as Steve already said, there are a " couple of anomalies ", so maybe worth checking very carefully before you buy it. at first glance i would have said it´s a Series 2 Super with some S1 GT bits added on but plz don t get me wrong, it defo looks a very nice car and could be well worth buying it!
  11. consul315


    Not that i could help, but i suppose it s for a MK 4?
  12. Wow congrstulations, you seem to have a nice collection of Cortinas!
  13. Perhaps you watch Capri seats as well, as they come up more "often" (though you have to strip them and take some of the pattern). Just checked ebay germany, as i found some there many years ago.
  14. i second that. i miss the time when BSC was a very busy place 😪
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