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  1. hi "Cpl" ,last but post from "rfb" is from 2018. are you after a certain ratio and what country are you from?
  2. yep, as Steve said. this should be the early type and later ones were full plastic afaik:
  3. i think this (1.) should be for similar purpose, got it from a closed down Ford garage early 90ies. but it wouldn t be me, if i didn t want the genuine one and finally was lucky and found this one (2.) rather cheap on ebay:
  4. and teh clutch like this?
  5. does the cylinder look like this?
  6. i have a 55531 (55AH) in my 2.3 Taunus, though i think a 45AH would do the job. at least i had one back in the 80ies when my Ford was an everyday car. according to the Motorcraft list (and to my surprise) a 38AH would be the recommended one (see pics plz):
  7. as Tim says, a little search and you can get a Motorcraft one for a fiver or aftermarket ones for under 10gbp.
  8. consul315

    MK2 in Aus

    as Craig already said, looks standard. if you re going to buy it, plz post up some detail pics!-good luck!
  9. not that i d need some, but the repro handles look quite good!
  10. yes i know what you mean, quite a risk of paying postage,tax and duty just to find out they can t be modified. i ll keep my eyes open for sh Taunus front ones- maybe some occur on a german website. -good luck!
  11. as Craig already said, they re hard to find. a mate of mine might go to this company within the next weeks. he could check how they look like in reality (some remade stuff is good , others is crap) and i can tell you. https://www.motomobil.com/en/products/bumper-guard-rear-only-estate-only-for-rubber-strip-black-60155340-1 https://www.motomobil.com/en/products/bumper-guard-rear-not-estate-only-for-rubber-strip-black-60155330-1 and i guess you might have seen these chepies already: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223465557775?hash=item340795cf0f:g:0e0AAOSwiF9cn4eY&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA8F3yO%2Fmt8vKvDN0wvCmpxrjtI%2FMT2XhpzumKNobtJTBDRdB8K6QuD7uzYF0ymbgHaS2KWVCOfvJpJFbqpGfje7dPYwIkmH%2FOds0Xtm0JppKDRHppx%2FsM027nfgdsiOCqaOvbds%2BU5BuJRbb80tzwmDKTv1Qt643JFNHKvs0BNR6305kLt6aTQAKGjQ6Kp%2FF7MulfP3KdHB04bDbv6x9sRhTl05X6E5JZWSVve69A0Kk0QUG2Rf3WN%2B3z0C9oXP5LKdrbqT%2BE7N4NzgI2IkPBueGBi89ULqZ39xf57OjKhB9OhVmOR9SrtlzR%2BlE5L%2BKtSQ%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR6z8x6T6Yg
  12. Hi, not sure, if this helps? cheers Hans https://www.locostbuilders.co.uk/photos.php?action=showphoto&photo=a530484-princess_conversion_linkages.jpg http://www.retrotech.co.nz/Tech/AP-4-Pot-Upgrade.php
  13. hi, do you want exactly this ones, as these seem to be standard/fleet model ones and probably harder to find? or would Deluxe/Super ones do the job as well?
  14. consul315

    Brake Calipers

    i suppose you d have P16s?
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