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  1. consul315

    Mk3 wheelnuts

    maybe you can show us the result plz, just in case you rechrome then!
  2. sorry for my very late reply, Craig. Vasco was always friendly with my cats and vice versa. unfortunately i lost him in 2017 already!
  3. ups sorry for my poor english and well spottet. would be about time to get to UK again to improve my rusty english!
  4. perhaps you could make an extra topic with pics of your nice Corsair (+interior) please, Susan.
  5. that reminds me on some project i haven t touched for 11years
  6. sounds like a Corsair "S" then, it had Deluxe trim/instruments and GT engine.
  7. maybe check the section "advertising material" on here, there maybe some press pics as well?
  8. defo break it, Dave! since Brexit my stuff has lost dramatically in value and it´s quite hard/uneconomical now to sell common stuff to UK. unfortunately i wasn t able to sell some of my scrappers in 2020 due to health reasons. this one i sent to the scrapyard last week, there would have been surely parts on it i would have removed in the "good old times" (like 2dr rear seat, 2dr glass, straight rear bumper that needs rechroming etc), but now it makes no sense any more!
  9. looks quite sound in the pic.if it s cheap go for it!
  10. wow that looks phantastic and probably the hardest part already behind you, so can t wait to see it finished. GOOD LUCK with it!
  11. lovely Estate, the steels with whitewalls look perfect!
  12. hard to tell from the pic, but to me it looks more like MK1 Capri, but maybe my eyes fool me. was this on your car or did you get it from somewhere else? i ll try to make a pic of the correct style mirror (as fitted to MK3 Cortinas and Taunus TC1s) within the next days
  13. if it´s the rough pitted one for 15eur, it´s not the correct style. it looks more like one from Taunus P6/P7. there is a repro available on here, but not sure about quality and maybe you ask for additional pics: https://www.motomobil.com/en/products/outside-mirror-right-hand-chromed-solid-arm-only-lhd-41610490-1
  14. there are many different ones out there, i don t know why Ford made a different neck for every model. though the mirror itself is the same, the neck of Cortina MK3 only is the same as from Taunus TC1 (concerning the neck). Granada, Capri, Escort MK1 ones are different. easiest would be to show us a pic of your offside mirror.
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