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  1. Check mail he's been in touch.
  2. A fried of mine is selling these if anyone is interested I can put you in touch..... 5x Dunlop D1 alloys originals just been blasted and painted in silver 2 pack .good tyres 2 matching for front 3x 2 for rear + spare matching . Great condition never repaired . Pics to follow . £450 ovno Can assist with delivery If anyone wants these and is going to Monmouth Cortina Day I will deliver for you. Alternatively if the buyer is not in a great hurry for them I can take them to the Mk1 Cortina Nationals at Stratford in August.
  3. Not me selling but they are in the North East
  4. yorkie_racer

    Any use

    Are these wheels any use to anyone, X4, I was told 60 quid assuming thats for all 4.
  5. I've got one here that I can do that to just didn't know where to go! Thanks though.
  6. I have no idea, that I'll have to bow to the superior knowledge of the members.
  7. yorkie_racer

    Boot lock

    Mk5 saloon boot lock with key if anyone has one please.... price inc postage?
  8. I got this message off Dunc. Can anyone help?? John, I need the bit that holds the handbrake cable on to the the lever, sort of half moon shaped with a bar in the middle.....desperately!!
  9. yorkie_racer

    Mk5 bumpers

    After front and rear bumpers for my mk5 as good as possible please, Don't need end caps.
  10. Cheers I still need the adjusters and handbrake lever though.
  11. Hi all I'm looking for the bits to attach and adjust the rear shoes on a mk5 2'0 9in drum set up. Got the shoes and cylinders so need the adjusters springs etc for both sides please. Anyone help?
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