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  1. 1978 mk4 1.6gl, 46000 miles from new, loads of paperwork to back up the mileage as I have almost every mot certificate from new. bad points, body work is getting tired. this is the reason for selling as I unfortunately do not have somewhere to store the car and I don't want to leave it to rust away so would rather sell it to someone who will give it the care and attention she needs. she did have a full respray almost 7 years ago when I did most of the work on her. good points, where do I start! I have spent a fair bit on the car. I have replaced the head with a stage1 gas flowed unleaded head from burton power. its got an rs2000 inlet with a 32/36 webber carb and a K&N filter. Ashley 2" exhaust system from the manifold. Lumenition electronic ignition and a kenlowe fan. lowered 1" all round with spax adjustable dampers, braided brake hoses, grooved front discs and green stuff pads. got all the receipts from burton power to prove all these parts. I do have the original springs, dampers and other various parts that I replaced. the ghia alloys where refurbished at the same time as the car was resprayed, the toyo tyres are all in good condition (including the spare). the interior was in a very bad condition when I got the car so I have replaced the whole interior with that from a mk5, the only mark on the interior is a stain on the passenger seat. tax runs out next month and the mot runs out 6 months later. Im looking for sensible offers near to £2000. viewings are more than welcome, im on the isle of wight and can meet anyone off the ferry in the car for viewings and test drives. if you want the car delivered I can also do this, it will be around £50 for the ferry plus 25p per mile to your address. i have plenty of pictures if you wish to see any. contact me at cortinaiw@hotmail.co.uk or on 07772926066 thanks for looking, Steve
  2. they may need a bit of a clean, but i have front and rear seats in blue, ill need to check on condition though. steve
  3. ive got a set if anyone wants them? £30. bortaf, i think its fair that you get first refusal. let me know, cheers.
  4. iow steve

    timing cover

    are you going to a 2ltr kev? ive finaly got my old alternator off to be refurbished so you can have your spare back soon!
  5. not a problem!

  6. wish i had £1500, id have that!
  7. iow steve

    choke cable

    why, after doing a good deed and sending someone my spare choke cable, would the one i have on my car break!!!!! how typical is that??? has anyone got a spare?! steve
  8. iow steve

    mk4 grille

    anyone got a mk4 grille floating around? it can be broken, i don't mind
  9. iow steve

    ghia alloy

    fantastic! how much and from who though?! spoilt for choice now. fklgls (dave) any chance of sending 2 so i have a spare? cheers mate. can you pm me price etc thanks cortina.com (dave) ill save you from doing some rummaging and let you keep it for the next person who needs one.
  10. ive got blue seats, don't think the rear seats will go in an estate though as theyre out a saloon
  11. iow steve

    ghia alloy

    these? dont THINK we have an odd one but will have a look around :headscratch: not those ones. the ghia alloys on mk4/5's. they're grey and star shaped is the best i can describe them!
  12. iow steve

    ghia alloy

    heres a lesson. never let your missus borrow your cortina. when she left it had 4 ghia alloy centre caps, when she got back, it had 3!!! anyone got 1 floating around?
  13. oh yeah, the interior is out of my car now.
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