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  1. That looks to be in good condition in that photo 👍
  2. The person selling it , Mendonca , was last on here on 26th October 2020 . Probably sold it or changed his mind .
  3. Pete did finish Ruby . He has Swampy , Bramble and Ruby . One of them recently had an engine fire but I think he has finished repairing it or it's well on the way . Unfortunately Pete doesn't post on here now but has a YouTube channel and I think he posts on the mk3 Cortina Owners club forum .
  4. I also like the chrome look 👍
  5. Looks absolutely stunning 👍
  6. Be different and clear lacquer the bodywork 👍
  7. I have messaged you about the wheels 👍
  8. Tax due 1st February 1993 and it is blue now according to the DVLA .
  9. Great looking car it was worth the hard work 👍
  10. Do you think it will be finished and out next spring/summer Mr Tibbs ?
  11. Now that's a nice mk3 👍
  12. Lovely colour is it called Copper Bronze metallic .
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