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  1. D-FENS

    2.0 s mk4 on ebay

    There is a very well respected painter called Gavin Pink down south . I don't know him but he does a lot of very expensive cars and more workman like stuff as well . I think he is doing a mk1 Escort at the moment . I haven't met or used him for anything but I have seen nothing but good comments about him . He also runs courses for prep and painting .
  2. I am very grateful for the work you do on here Neil . I just find this latest version harder to do things on , it's just me I am sure . I will have another look at the members search function 👍
  3. Tried searching for members again and had no luck . Apart from the basic reading unread posts I find most things on here much more difficult now . On some of the older versions of this forum i found it much easier to do stuff , makes you feel daft when you have to ask how to do things .
  4. Very nice car in a great colour . I remember seeing a member on here at Battlesbridge car show who had a mk2 Cortina in Sapphire Blue . He doesn't come on here now , his name was danb .
  5. D-FENS

    Mk5 ghia

    Hello mate long time since you have been on here . I have sent you a message .
  6. There is a member on here called Craig . His forum name is sheffieldcortinacentre and he is a very knowledgeable man when it comes to mk3 Cortinas . He doesn't come on here till later in the evening usually .
  7. I might message Mr Angry and ask if these hinges will fit a mk2 Lotus 😄
  8. Stunning collection and what a garage you have . My pick would be the aubergine Savage followed closely by the mk1 Cortina 👍
  9. I was trying to search the members list the other day and got nowhere .
  10. Cars as in plural as in more than one 😀 . Tell us more please .
  11. What did it say about Wix, good or bad ?
  12. Sorry old age moment I have seen them now thanks
  13. When you get a minute can you post some pics of the interior, engine bay and boot please .
  14. Would they fit a mk2 Cortina windscreen wiper ?
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