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  1. Do you think the price should be £9,950 and £99,950 is a mistake ?
  2. That looks brand spanking new excellent job 👍 Could you post some interior and boot/engine bay photos when you get a chance .
  3. £99,950 😮 It looks ,from what you can see , like a good solid car .
  4. Love your click bait Mr Tibbs 😁
  5. Looks outstanding what colour is the finish going to be ?
  6. Noge was on Patreon so he might know .
  7. Thanks for that Craig . Does the length of 27 cm sound about right , someone on the other site is saying they aren't that long ?
  8. Someone over on the NSRA site has asked this question , can anyone help ? guys, My dad has play in the tie rods. Now he has always been told that the steering rack is from a Mk4 Cortina, however the tie rods are female on the rack end and male on the other. It's about 27cm long and m14 x 1.5 thread at both ends. Did any Cortinas have this setup? The car is one of the Yorkshire Street rod builds did they have a preferred steering rack they used? On the rod end it has a castle nut with split pin. Can anyone help me I have been looking high and low for the replacements.
  9. I think you have to do what you are happy with really . I met you at the Uxbridge classic car show probably 4/5/6 years ago , time flies by and the memory isn't great . We had a good chat and it is good to see well known cars from years back .
  10. I think he has archived his Cortina City Facebook page as well . A couple of regulars on there also left the group , not sure what if anything has happened .
  11. I have been thinking about this as well but from a slightly different angle . My everyday Ford Focus is on it's last legs and I have been looking at buying a newish Focus to last me until they ban new internal combustion engined vehicles from being manufactured . I have read a few articles by supposedley knowledgeable people saying that the petrol/diesel companies are looking to convert their petrol stations to mass electric charging areas . Some people say the government hasn't said they will ban petrol/diesel being sold but as more and more electric vehicles come into use the need for traditional petrol stations will rapidly drop . The places where you can buy fuel will start putting their prices up and gradually force us to go electric .
  12. Interesting to read about the work that you have done on your car . Try to post on here when you can to keep us up to date with your lovely mk3 👍
  13. Wow you are still around . Why did you stop posting on here Jayne ? Have you still got your mk3 and have you done much to it recently . I assume you have copies of all the photos yourself .
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