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  1. D-FENS

    Mk1 Mk2 bits

    Satkyn the link you have posted just takes you to the EBay home page .
  2. D-FENS

    Finding messages

    Many thanks for your help Neil got it now .
  3. D-FENS

    Finding messages

    I am using A Samsung Galaxy tablet and I can't see an envelope . Any chance of a screenshot to help please . I am struggling to find my way round the new layout .
  4. How do I find messages/pm,s on this new forum layout .
  5. I clicked on activity and just got a timeline of new posts . Can't see my activity streams and am struggling with this new layout .
  6. Neil I have no idea what configure your own search parameters means . Could you please explain this please .
  7. Colonnade metal finishers 41 Hallmark Trading Estate Fourth Way Wembley HA9 OLB 0208 902 7722 mobile 07796495505 sales@colonnademetal.com www.colonnademetal.com
  8. D-FENS

    Forum Problems

    Could you do a screenshot of the "attatch files" bit Neil , I can't find it at all .
  9. Any members on here actually know David or James ?
  10. D-FENS

    1600e for sale

    What colour is your E Pete is it Aubergine or Black Cherry or something else ?
  11. Could you give us a rough idea of your budget John and where are you based .
  12. Who do you use to post exhaust stuff Craig .I have a couple of exhaust bits to sell but was told by someone in the know that a mk2 middle section would be tricky because of the length of it .
  13. Thanks Jayne i was not signed in before and the relevant post was missing .Its a big loss to BSC now Rob has gone . Has Phobiuz gone as well ?
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