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  1. Hi, you put up a post about a stolen gold mk5 from Caterham, I have a gold mk5 which I have been contacted by Hounslow Police investigating if mine is a stolen one (although mine is a manual, 2.0 ltr), is the one you mentioned been found? thanks, mark.

  2. :unsure: WTF is that? :cheers:
  3. They're a waste of time, you can't see fook all out of them!!! :unsure:
  4. Anyone know of a solid Mk2 Cortina (2dr or 4dr, not really fussed) in the South West for sale (Devon or Cornwall prefered) Manual box prefered, 2000e type box if poss, I hate the other kind with the angled stick! :cheers: Got a budget of around £1600 to play with :D
  5. I've reported this on 2 occasions in the past! They've also used the Green Mk2 (At the same time the genuine seller was trying to sell it!) & a yellow RS1600
  6. What sort of price & how much will it cost to get it over to England?
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