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  1. That’s a great looking savage, fantastic restoration. 👍
  2. Thanks, It’s looks ok in the picture but needed a lot rust repairs. Inner, outer sills ....rear quarter the other side. .... top plates gone right through both sides. ... bulkhead gone both sides..... chassis repairs front and back of car..... jacking points ..... closing panel and front valance..... both headlight backing panels.... tool well & wheel well.... outer wheel wells .... front wing repairs and will need a few doors as well. .... I was lucky to use a friends large garage and turn over jig to make good all the underneath. It came home and got forgotten for a while. Then some health issues in the family. Never got back to it. I’m hoping sometime next year I’ll be able to start.
  3. 33 years owned, still In the garage. No idea when I’ll be able to put it back together 😞. Just thought I’d share a picture 👍
  4. I'll try to post pictures of centre caps later if nobody else does. Can't seem to post pics from iPhone
  5. is this anyone on here :playball:
  6. this one had the bonnet scoop done :thumbup: no pics of scoop
  7. stav had a bonnet scoop done on his white estate , the pics are gone but worth a read http://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/18745-stavs-restored-mk2-white-savage-estate/
  8. What part of the country are you in please
  9. It sure is a nice car. :thumbup: Another pic at the MOT
  10. This is why i had wet feet, :angry: a bit of rot at the bulkhead where it meets the inner wing behind the bonnet hinge
  11. Hi Ady, enjoying watching this resto. Bringing the mk2 back to life, nice work putting the replacement back end on and the letting in of plates in the floor and chassis, yep nice welding :thumbup:..... Your showing what can be done in short time with hard work :showoff:.....looking forward to the updates....martin :D
  12. Great work, :thumbup: your making it look easy but theres alot of skillful work going on there, look forward to some more updates and pics :cheers:
  13. Love this car, amazing work you've done there :thumbup: ........and sounds awsome
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