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  1. Thanks! That is much more detailed information than I can get from the website. John
  2. I checked the Pilkington listings the other day and thought that they only had one Mk2 glass but now I see that I missed a second entry. The first, 3526, is listed for '66-'70 so I figured it was the tall glass that that like everyone else they offered a "universal" solution but now I see the second listing, 3523 for '69 only. Am I correct in assuming that P/N 3526 is the shorter screen? That's great news if new are available.
  3. I'll too will be watching for any useful responses. Last week I tried fitting a 580 mm screen to a series 1 shell with the new seal that came with the project car but no joy in fact anything but. I now have a line on a smaller screen so hopefully that will work with the seal I have. John
  4. Hi, I PM'd you last week and am also still waiting for a reply. Thanks John
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