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  1. The first item is from the genuine seller. The only good thing is that this hacking scammer is listed as residing in Italy, so I just put the "UK only filter" on and they all go away....
  2. Nah, Kev's car is a light blue V6 Mk2 estate.
  3. Lovely car, top restoration. I say it's a Super with GT parts, be interesting to see if it has radius arms on the back axle. VIN code for 4 door super is BA95 and for a 4 door GT/E it's BA97, assuming Dagenham built. Checking the VIN is not conclusive as very easy to swap. I agree with Batty's valuation as all Classics will take (and are) a drop in value due to Covid 19 recession.
  4. DHV571D

    new to this

    I had your trouble, hammers and keyboards don't mix apparently? Welcome aboard.
  5. Only need one more Brendan with Keith's 5.
  6. If you shim or use taller posts the rocker cover will foul on them, trust me I've done it!!
  7. These would provide some protection to your neck/whiplash should the need arise? £50.00 posted to UK.
  8. Not just any Rust..... That's Lotus Rust.
  9. Wow! that's original as a pear...
  10. The seats in the car came out of a S1 Mk2 Lotus, may interest Chris I would think?
  11. Senior moment Keith? The link is to Nick's Irvin seat belts....
  12. I guessed you knew, I was answering the post above mine from TIB3300 and hopefully making it clearer for people who didn't. If you've got an Kent engine that's been running a A6 then it will have modified pistons and valve platforms, are you replacing them too?
  13. Part Number: A6 Well known full race profile. Good power between 5500-9000rpm. Part Number: A2 Well proven fast road/rally type camshaft with good mid range to top end power. One is a Race track Cam, The other is a road Cam.
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