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  1. Thanks very much Brian, ive emailed you back,Tim
  2. I'm waiting back on a pm from Brian,i need a new mk1 cortina since i sold mine. I've been gutted ever since. Tim
  3. That's realy nice i might be tempted. Tim From Bootle
  4. Regretably ,my car has sold tonight. I had a realy good response about this car . I got an email this morning followed by a phone call tonight by the same lad and it's gone for what i wanted ,8 thousand. It owes me that with the motor etc. He's made up with it ,he's paid his deposit and will be pickin it up in the week. Funds are going towards an Alan Mann Lotus...hopefully. Thanks Tim
  5. That is a beautifull mk3. Lovein that. Won't be around for long when your ready to part with it.. Tim
  6. Thanks every one and hi Dave ,like i say it's a reluctant sale but i have a chance to own a genuine Lotus in Alan Mann colors. Won't know till monday about it and my car ends sunday . Bad timing as if the sale goes ahead on me cortina,and i lose the Alan Mann one i'll be choppin a few of my limbs off hahaha Take care Tim
  7. Hi reluctantly i have listed my mk1 Cortina on ebay. Making way for a genuine Lotus Alan Mann replica,hopefully. I realy don't want to sell it and i can not believe i have listed it but see what happens. Have a look,theres a bit of interest so far. Got a few people coming to view the car over the weekend and on monday. Tim. Heres the link. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574629005&toolid=10001&campid=5335900709&customid=&mpre=http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...p;rd=1&rd=1
  8. I saw these panels too. I asked if he could do a bit of discount on the wing. I got him down to £540.00 ,what a bargain.Tenner off. It was a nice panel,but too dear for me i'm afraid. Tim.
  9. DeLotus


    Hi Mate . I spoke to you at tatton park on sunday.I bought the Les Leston Steering wheel off Steve with the mk2 lotus replica. I will send you a pm about what we spoke about on sunday.. Good look with the sale of the cosmics. Take care Tim. TO FORUM MEMBERS,READ BELOW: Anyone who is after these wheels get them bought as i have seen them and they are superb! Tim
  10. Hi all,any have a pair of tramp bars for a mk1 cortina gt? I am about to pick up a mk1 gt axle over the holiday weekend with a bit of luck so i will need the two tramp bars . No imediate rush for them as the axle will be fully stripped and shot blasted etc first and then built up with all new brakes and 3.7 diff .etc. If you think you may have some somewhere at the end of your garage or whatever.Please let me know. Not bothered about the condition of the bushes etc as these will be replaced with poly bushes,they just need to be the right ones for the job Let me know. I have a pair of escort body brakets which i will modify to suit when i have the axle and the trampbars on.(Incidently are the cortina bars the same as escort?)As i can get repro escort ones straight or bent i gather?? I will pay all cost for postage etc. Thanks in advance Tim
  11. It was a beautifull car that. Sadly the auctions been ended by ebay.. I was the only bidder on it and i tried to contact the seller to see what he would sell it for and could i view the car asap. I bid below the reserve. The next thing i've had an email of ebay saying the auctions been listed on an illegal acount.!! I seen this car listed a couple of weeks ago and drooled over it,it had a heavy ""buy it now"" on it with a reserve.I know the reserve was not met then but the auction ran it's cource. . What's strange is this later listing contained a couple of different pics to the first listing and i'm confused how anyone would illegally have pictures of the same car at a different angle??.At the same location. Arh well.I'll keep on plodding on with my own mk1. Tim
  12. DeLotus

    Dunlop D1's

    Hi mate there's at least two sets on ebay at the moment. I tried to buy a set of these the other day and the reserve was over 3 ton,i bid 325 and ended up the highest bidder but they weren't sold.I've emailed the sellor through another item he's flogging but had no reply. They needed a fickin good polish and had no tyres,think i'll stick with me lotus steels. Good look if you find any. Tim
  13. DeLotus


    Hi i'm lookin for parts for a cortina gt type remote gear stick In my haste and sheer incompetence no dowght,of gathering all the bits to fit a remote gearchange and dash handbrake to my cortina. I fitted it all up the other day and have found there was a few parts missing from the gear stick itself . I need the spring,insulator and spring seat.All fit directly under the cap I have the cap. Any help in finding the bits or a stick with the bits on would be greatfully recieved. Thanks Tim
  14. Hi as above ,i'm looking for a mk1 lotus cortina speedo. Must be in good nick and have the 140 mph diles,black rim etc Yes i know there hard to find and that one will cost me an arm and a leg,even a furtune. I've got an arm and a leg but sadly no furtune. :unsure: If any one can help then perfect. Cheers Tim pm me if you have one
  15. Dave you are a top bloke. I enjoyed meeting up with you and your mate. Thanks for everything and good luck with the mk1 monster your building. Take care ,Tim
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