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  1. Thanks all for the positive comments. This weekend should be the moment of truth and the test drive. if all goes well I will service it and use it as it is. Through the winter I want to correct the welding and get it resprayed in time for YAT 2021. 2020 has not been a good year so far for me so if i can get a little bit of pleasure from it before the weather changes ill be pleased.
  2. 3 weeks later and its now complete with some of the worst welding bodges corrected. I just wanted to get it back together and useable for now while i find the panels I need to rectify the bad repairs. Engine is back in, panels are back on and its now a runner again another week or so and it will be back on the road it is now Tax and MOT exempt too.
  3. Roll on 5 years to May 2020 and a breaking post appears on the facebook pages for a mk5 being broken for spares as it was being raced. Car was not for sale complete despite attempts by others to buy it. Story was the previous owner had sent it to have welding to the A panels and wing rails done and the "professional" who did it ruined the cars so it was given up on and changed owners into the hands of a banger racer. After contacting the now owner i explained about my history of the car and its value to me. and he agreed to let me buy it off him. So at great expense I ended up with a car I had never planned to buy back. I just couldnt let it go racing. It had already been partially stripped which included nothign under the bonnet. no engine no wiring harness etc but everything came with it. Here it is as it arrived.
  4. Well this is a funny one for me. This is a car I had around 6 years ago and had a lot of fun in. it was sold in 2015 with a new MOT and was not put on the road again. This is how it looked in 2014 at Cortina show.
  5. MARK-H

    2.0 s mk4 on ebay

    Still got the silver 2.0s then have you.
  6. looks decent. I quite fancy this myself.
  7. It is a shame the ambassador came from that museum that closed down a few years ago. I cant remember the name of it. The biggest regret I have is not buying the Princess it was a decent car that could have seen the road again with little work.
  8. Thanks for that Brett.
  9. Dont suppose you still have that write up?
  10. You liked that did you. wait until the leopard print seats covers and my Feu orange freshener are in lol
  11. They do seem to be getting a bit scarce. especially the poverty spec cars
  12. MK5 front seats fitted as they are more comfortable for my slightly heavier frame and they have headrests. you wont know the difference once my seat covers are on
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