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  1. See below link, Two door Mk3 for sale. https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/cortina-mk3-two-door/20374901
  2. As above , Im looking for a complete 2 ltr pinto head, Prefer one already converted / built for un leaded . but will consider there once assured no cracks in block....
  3. water in cylinders , had head off today ??
  4. I going to order few bits from Burtons , I'm looking at pinto head bolts , can someone tell me the difference between the two links and which ones suit my car... https://www.burtonpower.com/head-bolt-late-stretch-torx-type-ford-sohc-pinto-each-ft1005a.html https://www.burtonpower.com/head-bolt-early-non-stretch-type-ford-sohc-pinto-each-ft1005.html
  5. No I'm afraid its worse.... no water in the rad so water going somewhere ? that said engine oil still normal (not white) Head off me thinks??
  6. Lads, i have been using cortina s my daily for few weeks with no issues. last few days its been very smokey on start up in morning and evening going home from work. So when very cold and damp i have lots of smoke when the car is good and hot no real smoke at all and engine sounds and runs fine . should i be worried ? or is it just down to cold weather , condensation etc
  7. FOR SALE : Rare MK3 Cortina two door, Dublin car , one Owner car from new. Old Brown Log Book Present Restoration project , rolling shell . all parts there . Usual rust areas , with worst being A-Post and Spare wheel well. Good two doors Cortinas hitting 20k value - So good investment Comes with most panels to complete : NEW: Complete a post to windscreen panel Pair of A post panels Inner sills Outer genuine two door sills Wing rails Headlamp Panels (pair ) SECOND HAND: Complete boot floor Front floor pan sections Complete scuttle Panel Boxes of varies bits and bobs for Cortina Dublin 15 , Ireland .Message for details and price.
  8. yes very nice car .... Bought from Ger , You beat me to it on that....Im in Dublin ...
  9. Excellent stuff this is one for the to do list for me....
  10. rolling shell , restoration needs lot of welding but all new panels with car.. comes with full a post a post panels sills hinge panels boot floor 1500euro
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