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  1. Cheers mate all sorted now. Regards Leo
  2. Hi Admin, Hope you can help, need to change my E-mail address, problem is I can remember my Password as it is pre store on my PC and to change your E-mail address you need to Know your Password. Help. Cheers Leo
  3. BSC Leo

    E-mail enquiry

    we have a ford cortina 1600 automatic carousel which has stood for 12 years since my father in law died. It was a good runner with an exc ellent engine, and plenty of umf.... We are going to weigh it in for scrap value, unless you know anyone who may be interested, my telephone number is 01299 877777, thanks pat jones
  4. BSC Leo

    cosmic wheels

  5. Thats a lovely looking motor had one exactly the same always wanted another, mine had bench seat colume change though. good luck with selling it let me know when it goes on Ebay.
  6. bump bump! Hi All, If OK with the seller work at Heathrow, so I can always pop round and take few pics. Also arrange collection and delivery to any address in the UK, Shipment can not exceed 30kg. obvious panels (doors, boot, bonnett) engine/glass etc not possible. Cheers Leo
  7. Think he was looking in the Region of £70.00. Cheers
  8. I thought I'd drop you a line and ask if you've any interest >> in purchasing my brand new (still in box) SPAX (Part Number >> G140-164) for Ford Cortina 1962-70 Shock Absorbers, I bought >> them along with a Mk2 Cortina and have had to sell the car due >> to arrival of a new baby. I used to know a few Cortina owners >> but lost touch. >> >> If interested please email me or telephone me on 07963733499. >> >> Cheers >> >> Phil.
  9. BSC Leo

    Mark V Parts

    Hi Leo Having recently sold my Mk 5, 2 litre Ghia. I have a large collection of various spares. Some of which are new. i would appreciate your help in passing these on to a fellow enthusiast. Everything must go as moving home within the next month. i am loath to throw them as some parts are impossible to obtain anymore. I can be contacted on this e-mail address, home phone 01726 65291 and mobile 0797 382 0637. my Location is St Austell in Cornwall. Please help. stevie-jenni@sunseekers84.freeserve.co.uk Regards Steve
  10. Really glad that it went to a good home. Maybe I should be a Cortina Dating site. match the car to the star. :winner:
  11. I have a 1981/2 UK built MkV 2.3 V6 Ghia S cortina that I would like to give to some one who could either car for it or us it for spares. I have not driven it for 2 years and the battery is dead but it has always started once the petrol got to the carbs (even when I left it for a year or so). I striped the body work it to near metal and got it re-spayed around 2004 so I know that most of the chase and body work is reasonable, there was a lot of rust in the usual places which was plated. I think the power steering rack was on it’s way out when I stopped using it but other than that it is in good working order. When I brought it, it was complete with blue ford RS wheels and there still on it now with good tyres. Do you know of someone who would be interested in coming and taking it away for me, I feel bad that I have just left it for so long and do not really want it scraped. Regards Kevin Eldridge 07843609324
  12. Hi my name is vince ive got loads of cortina mkv parts for sale eg: 4 doors, bonnet, bootlid and interior if interested Give me a call on 07956801995 or email me at sanzone3@hotmail.co.uk thanks
  13. Hi Leo, I have a 1978 Ford Cortina 2.0GL Manual to seell in red. It needs a new aint jon but only has 45k miles genuine. I dont have the time to keep it going so wish to sell it. Best regards Phil Harvey 0208 777 9862 harveyp789@aol.com
  14. Hi I am looking to buy a cortina mk111 gl/gxl 1600/2000 in showroom condition cash waiting thanks csdoran@hotmail.com
  15. I have for sale a cortina mk5 200gl,just had a new mot,good condition,f.s.h. new tyres,2previous owners. £300 ono.Tel:07811030636.Thank you Kevin Lewis. Hi All, If any of you buy this car please let me know so that we can remove the add
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