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  1. would be interested in the ghia wheels cheers
  2. can ya stick up a few pics of the front seats might b interested
  3. beige E

    electric aerial

    halfords sell one that`ll fit, my mate bought oneor his capri. :thumbup: thats great, will try tomorrow.
  4. beige E

    electric aerial

    anyone got 1 to fit a mk5??
  5. hi simon, have you got the ghia alloys for sale?
  6. hi jim,would be interested in a set of your ghia alloy, can you get a picture and a price, you pm me if you want#thanks
  7. beige E

    loadza bits

    hi john, any pics of the ghia alloys cheers
  8. beige E

    ghia wheels

    anyone got a decent set of ghia wheels for sale.tyres not important?
  9. beige E

    black numberplates

    On the XR4i I used to have, I had: My Other Toy Has T.ts like this one, very good
  10. beige E

    black numberplates

    anyone have or seen any good rhymes on number plates as im gettin a set made this week
  11. beige E


    anyone know if this car is sold?
  12. how much for the wheels, what size are they?
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