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  1. Hi Dave Bit of a long shot would you have an under dash wiring harness for 1966 LHD MK1 Cortina this is fleet model but other model types would get us out of a spot many thanks graham
  2. gramar

    wiring harness

    Hi Consul315 If we have no luck may contact when you get back home thanks
  3. gramar

    wiring harness

    Hi Consul The car is 1966 fleet model he is willing to consider all types he has a complete GT gauge set so could convert Many Thanks
  4. gramar

    wiring harness

    Hi All I am helping a friend who has run into problems with his 1966 MK1 Cortina LHD We are looking for a complete under dash wiring harness or complete vehicle harness It must be left hand drive He contactable on 07704807901 please ask for James Many Thanks
  5. Hi Keith Enjoying this thread great pictures top work being carried out agian another top car to check out next year cheers Graham
  6. Hi Keith Is this what you thought the blast would reveal? at least you know the car is in safe hands and that it will get the best of everything Cheers Graham
  7. Hi Andy This sounds like good honest talk mate you told me this when you first come and looked at what will be Maztina hope that if you do sell your gt it will be stright foward for you i know you will build maztina to just what you want it to be all the best mate Cheers Graham
  8. Hi All liking both pics second one seems to have the beginnings of the corsair shaping in the front wings
  9. thats probably cheap for one of them! - amazing that no exhaust firm is making them yet ( yesi know its not an exhaust but it would be same skills involved in making them ) Hi I have thought the same thing the rover 3 litre used the idea and were referred to in the manual as the air silencer
  10. Hi All TOP JOB THE ONLY WAY IS UP Cheers Graham
  11. just sold the last bracket but should have another by monday , remind me by PM if I dont get back to you Hi Thanks for replying will pm you monday early evening Cheers Graham
  12. Hi would you have a throttle linkage mounting bracket and cable for a v6 engined reliant scimitar many thanks Graham
  13. Hi Mate Is the engine and g/box still up for sale if so what the genral condition of them Cheers Graham
  14. Hi All I take it this conversion has something of the mythical about it but here's my 2 bob's worth.A good friend of mine used to work at the local ford main dealer which was also an RS centre of which he did a lot of .He arrived at work one morning to be told to have a look at the motor over there with the cover over it. With cover removed there sat a MK3 Cortina fitted with a Lotus twink suspention had been moded with the rear end having leaf spring fitted. would liked to see one know Gramar
  15. The cars have to be pre 1966. Also some younger car may be accepted if they are considered to be within the sprit of the formula by the driver reps. Hi Do you have a link for this formula giving contrusion regs etc please. I am in the ipswich area have been to swaffen a lot when it was under the spedeworth banner Cheers Graham
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