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  1. I remember buying a series 1 1600E with a really quick modified engine in the mid 80s, it still ran the original 32DFM, good carb
  2. Going to try and salvage the original, but still got my eye out for a new one
  3. Yes, saw these but looking for the complete leg from rear valance to rear jacking point. Thanks Keith.
  4. Yes, iv'e looked, around £500 and 8 week lead time.
  5. Your right, rear n/s corner took a hit, i have a new (good 2nd hand) n/s rear wing boot floor upper and lower panels going back on.
  6. Actually i'm begining to wonder if mine can be repaired, Picture shows the chassis rail compared to the straight one on the drivers side, top arrow shows a kink and the bottom arrows show how the bottom of the chassis rail has been twisted across towards the right
  7. If it's solid Keith, the one on my car is solid but a bit twisted. Is it full length from jacking point to rear valance ?
  8. Hi i'm after a N/S (L/H, Passenger side) rear chassis leg/rail for a MK1 cortina. Thanks.
  9. Agreed, would of thought if oversize it would be stamped with the piston size.
  10. Believe it or not Keith i did give that a thought
  11. Yes it's a lot of money, especially if it's just your hobby and not your business. Easier i suppose if you can share the rent with one or two more people.
  12. Can't even pop round the local farms in the current climate either. and i'd dread to think about rent prices now as well. Ironic thing is i have a huge garden to build a workshop in but it's not accessible by road.
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