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  1. batty3636

    mk2 1600e

    never mind, thanks for getting back to me
  2. batty3636

    mk2 1600e

    how much for car with parts you have and the engine left in ? thanks Rob
  3. batty3636

    Car For SaleMk1 Lotus Cortina Replica 1966

    any idea of whats wanted for the car Kieth ?
  4. batty3636

    Massive garage clearout underway

    never mind, all sorted now Keith, good luck with selling your bits
  5. batty3636

    Massive garage clearout underway

    thats a new link Keith, yes works now !! old one never
  6. batty3636


  7. batty3636

    Massive garage clearout underway

    Yes got the wrong link going on there Keith !! unlike you to get it wrong
  8. batty3636

    For Sale Crossflow 1600GT Engine And 1500 Gear box

    stick it on ebay then
  9. batty3636

    MK2 Cortina wanted

    how much is that going to be £Dave
  10. batty3636

    private message

    all seems fine now
  11. batty3636

    private message

    can't seem to get into my private messages, any help would be great.
  12. batty3636

    wanted wabasto roof

    thanks Greg
  13. batty3636

    wanted wabasto roof

    Looking for a webasto folding roof or something similar, to fit a mates 4 door mk2 that has a glass sunroof fitted, second hand really, not sure of the cost for a new one ??
  14. batty3636

    Boot lock

    Got a mk3 one if there the same ?