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  1. Shame about the colour !! hows my mate Rod ?
  2. Around £7000 to £10000 car, if had been a 1600e would be closer to the £15000, but 60's fords not making the money they did a few years ago.
  3. batty3636

    Mk5 estate

    where about's are you located and pics you can share ? thanks Rob
  4. Any English service history with the car ?
  5. I love the new layout, think is works just great, some just don't like change
  6. batty3636


    you might want to change your listing as you have got them listed for £120 each ?
  7. batty3636

    mk2 1600e

    never mind, thanks for getting back to me
  8. batty3636

    mk2 1600e

    how much for car with parts you have and the engine left in ? thanks Rob
  9. any idea of whats wanted for the car Kieth ?
  10. never mind, all sorted now Keith, good luck with selling your bits
  11. thats a new link Keith, yes works now !! old one never
  12. batty3636


  13. Yes got the wrong link going on there Keith !! unlike you to get it wrong
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