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  1. Mark.C

    MK5 Fuel tank

    Yeah, I've seen it. Got one off Aaron 70 quid. 😁 😀 I'm happy with that
  2. Mark.C

    MK5 Fuel tank

    I need a fuel tank. If any ones got one message me please. 😁
  3. Front wing damage, hence new front Wing.
  4. What accident damage though? Underneath??
  5. Interesting, photos would help
  6. Need a driver's door for my MK5 saloon as an idiot drove a fork lift into my car. I was fumming so mad I forgot what day it happened. What to tell insurance company???
  7. Hi can I delete a post in for sale or wanted?
  8. Hi I need a MK5 front subframe, cradle, axle.
  9. Very early Pre Face Lift, No anti roll bar, brand new steering rack. New ball joints top and bottom. No hubs.
  10. Need Mk5 front cross member for 1.6 GL. I have a pre face lift Mk3 cross member for sale or if any one wants to swop.
  11. Mark.C

    For sale or swop

    Mk3 pfl cross member, for sale or swop For Mk5 front cross member. It's a very early one, no anti roll bar, or attachments on tie bars, new steering rack, New ball joints top and bottom. No hubs . https://m.facebook.c...0&ref=bookmarks
  12. Cortina day at Ace Cafe, Park Royal A406, North London. This Saturday from 11am. 👍
  13. Sorry been busy, it's a white one. Thanks
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