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  1. Hi does the carpet fit a mk4 and is it the ghia type also will it clean up ok? Cheers steve
  2. Hi is the carpet still up for grabs ?
  3. Steve S

    FREE mk4 doors

    I would be pleased to take them if they don't go
  4. Hi do you still have the head gaskets? Cheers steve
  5. Steve S


    Does anyone have a black ghia carpet for a mk4 in good nick they want to part with?
  6. Hi, do you have the plastic rivet type clips that hold chrome external trims on a mk4? Cheers steve
  7. Steve S

    trim clips

    can anyone help? I need some of the little white plastic clips that hold the chrome strips on the top of the door panels on a mk 4 ghia. has anybody got any or know where I can get some ? cheers steve s
  8. let me know if they are still up for sale or where I could get some more ? cheers Steve S
  9. I own the bermuda blue mark 4 that has been recently modelled and was pleased as punch to find out . I contacted corgi and they sent me three free models of my car and the corgi magazine with my car featured. result! :rolleyes:
  10. Has anybody got a working brake master cylinder reservoir cap with the level sensor from a mk 4/5 ? thanx, steve
  11. Steve S

    mk4 door

    has anyone got a non rusty front passenger door for sale for a mk4 ? cheers steve
  12. Has anyone out there got a working girling master cylinder cap with the low level indicator as fitted to the mk 4/5s for sale ? cheers Steve
  13. Has anybody out there got a heater matrix top hose for sale for a MK4 V6 ? (the one from the matrix to the auto choke on the top of the engine )
  14. Hi , I have tucked away somewhere the upper part of the centre console in brown in good nick , if you are still wanting it PM me for details cheers Steve S
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