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  1. blimey id have snappped it up to
  2. yes for the cost of 200 quid a time which im considering as thats to include bypassing the egr valve and a remap im led to belive
  3. similar to my hack also im in a x gas board blue one though and goverened to 70 lol
  4. dale has a umbrella type hand brake on ebay at the minite top dollar though
  5. to stop them getting cloned its as easy as that
  6. get the grinder out and cut off the good bits gotta be worh that in bits
  7. shame about the airflow indicators on the front though
  8. will a banger racer dig that deep into his pocket as we all know the 2 door comes at a premium
  9. im not being funny but i think retro dave knows mk1 escorts inside out so i dought very much theyll be any good to him
  10. getting to far down the page we need a update PLEASE
  11. is pete not buying it then
  12. dean

    doctor waffle

    the doc has a granada on there at the moment lets see how much that makes
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