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  1. Ah thanks Craig. I understand now (square shaped pump on the side of the carb) and I have poorly described the symptom. My understanding is the accelerator pump squirts on hard pedal. I will check this def. But my symptom is when my foots to the floor cruising along (as best you can do in a 1300). I misses a beat. It so much feels like a blocked jet! I watched You tube once where a dude banged his hand over the air intake when the filter was off to clear blockages. I presume this sounds desparate and a no go quick fix option? Thanks for replying. I've purely been an amateur with a love of the cortina.
  2. Thanks for your reply Craig. Its a standard XFlow 1300 with all the original parts Is the accelerator pump the fuel pump? If so I think its ok, its a mechanical one. I have one of those original small ford carbs and I was thinking this could be a blocked jet inside, maybe the idle ones find but the big jet is blocked. Carbs are work via witch craft and wizardry to me.
  3. HI Guys, I've pulled my 1300 Xflow out for the show season. I left her over winter with a tank of Esso no ethanol Good stuff gogo juice. She driving fine, except at full throttle. Feels like fuel starvation. Not too sure what to try? I've tried some fresh fuel in a bottle with some redex through her. No change. Checked the leads, dizzy etc. Its idling great. Starting great. Driving great. Just put your foot down and she misses a beat Could it be old fuel? Could it be . in the carb? Any ideas great fully received, All the Best Macca, (Brown Mk3 in Staffordshire)
  4. Hiya Merv and Lee, Looks like you're nearly there on the two door. Well done, it looks great. We've all got old and grey following this one Great colour. Happy new Year Boys. Mac.
  5. That paint looks lovely Brian. August 2015 from a humble 1300 XL to now. I'd say the vinyl roof is your personal choice Thanks for posting.
  6. Lovely car that. Is the old girl MOT and Tax Exempt now on a P?
  7. Great, car. Looks very tidy from the phone posted 🙂
  8. Speaking to the DVLA, I think the answer is, you only have to go to the post office if your car doesn't already have the "historic vehicle" category. If it does, then you can simply tax it online in the usual 'nil cost' way by pressing next, next, next but you have to tick an extra box that says you understand the blurb on the V112 form and will keep your car in a roadworthy condition. So thanks to those for replying, that's confirmed I'll ignore the DVLA lady and not send off my log book to add "number of seats" - She was mega serious and gave me Fords number to start investigations! So taxed for another year, next year she turns 48 bless her !
  9. What a weird convoluted process that was. I went into the post office in Stoke and they were clueless about the existence of a V112 form. Eventually they pressed ok to continue without a valid MOT and it was taxed. They suggested I ring the DVLA to make sure and I did. They DVLA said they shouldn't have been able to as the log book doesn't have the number of seats shown?! Can anyone check their log books and see if this number (probably a 4 or 5) is present? I know it's Christmas, but what a pantomime!
  10. Cheers Guys, I think it helped he liked the car so the price fluctuates accordingly lol One straight bore as far I am aware. I got a spare from Paul on here but eventually that stuck and failed. (I thank him so much though for parting with his spares) I'm still around Staffordshire Captain, are you and still meeting up with the Hot rod boys? Anyway its good to be back on the road even though my life goes at a million miles an hour the 1300 still plods along!
  11. Hi BSc, Just would like to recommend http://www.pastparts.co.uk/ For £150 Inc. VAT and Post they resleeved and painted my Master. No problems with the serviced unit. Couple of tips, these are an old skool company so best to use the phone rather than email and be patient, you can't rush 'em! Pleased to be back on the road, Cheers Mac.
  12. The camping trailer a neat piece of work Danish Unique ! :showoff:
  13. Awesome Pictures. Love that area of the country. :thumbup:
  14. Quality Exhaust Video, amazing bends to join to the block. :showoff:
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