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  1. Forgot to add, obviously willing to pay !!
  2. :lol: Hi all, i'm trying to find the chrome trim that connects ( or rather covers the join of ) the roof gutter at the rear where it changes to go down the rear pillar on my mk5, the piece i need is for the drivers side. If you mk5 owners look at your cars you should see what i mean. Its only a small bit but its missing on mine and it really anoys me :winner: as its the only bit of trim missing from the car. If anyone can help me locate one i would be very gratefull. Thanks all.John. (socks)
  3. :clown: Drool, drool, drool !!!!!!!! I have only just become a Tina fan after years and years of owning Capris, yours has sent my pulse racing. Dont know what all that work must have cost but you only live once so remember its all worth it. Must say, i think the Bling makes it. Have fun.
  4. :lol: Hi Steve. John from Mansfield. (was going to get another Capri but didnt bloke.) If i could turn the clock back, i would now be driving your estate rather than the mk5 1.6 gl saloon i have. My saloons o.k., but i still love the look of yours !!!!!!. Even more p***ed now ive seen youve lowered the price. Someone PLEASE buy this car from this man, and stop me from wanting it. Although i suppose i could have two, now thats a thought i might sleep on. Good luck with it Steve. (I drove a sierra rs500 once, it made me cum in my pants it was that good, get yourself one of theese.) SOCKS.
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