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  1. looks good that especially for the money :thumbup: Welcome to the cardinal red club
  2. Hi. No idea on the which car to sell question. However as the rules of redundancy are that the job is redundant not the employee, how do they get away with making you redundant but still retaining your services as a "consultant"? That's the first question. Second question is if you are then a "consultant" I presume that this means that you self employed? Is that true? So therefore you could choose your hours and work free lance for other companies possibly, therefore increasing income and meaning you don't have to sell in the first place. No contract of employment you see. :thumbup:
  3. Looks like a cracking project to me Jim As for steering wheel. I love the feel of my mk5 original wheel. Its great. But its your car fella :thumbup:
  4. Couldnt be in better hands that Jim. Good luck with the resto :thumbup:
  5. Jose's fine bud thank you Very old picture with wrong size tyres
  6. Nice car John Mack But a mk4 grille - Noooooooo As for cycling Trek Madone 5.9 Ultegra 10 with Di2 (the dogs danglies) My daughter races too. She's top 30 in the country now at under 14 level. Just bought her a Moda Stretto for next season - Ultegra 11 that beast is :playball: Would love to find a roof rack that could carry the bikes like yours on my Crusader
  7. Just found this thread Very nice car Russell. :thumbup: Well done on rejoining the fold :thumbup:
  8. That's a lovely car Christina Really nice :icecream:
  9. Roy you can't break it fella. Its way too good for that. Shame you feel the need to sell it after all the work you did on it and to a high standard as well. Keep it but run it (on sunny days) is my advice.
  10. Lovely car. I'm in the ditch the wheels camp :thumbup:
  11. I like Sierras, but they're just too full of useful parts! I've broken two now :ninja: Their number plates hang in the workshop as a mark of respect for their sacrifice. Like a serial killers lair :rofl: :rofl:
  12. Yes great news John :thumbup:
  13. Looks great. Thanks for posting picture up :thumbup:
  14. Took the Crusader to Grimsby to meet everyone The Ford guys especially the ones who have been there a few years love her
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