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  1. Originally from a capri 4x108PCD 5.5J x 13 ET19 (approx) The tyres are free with them.. 2 toyos and 2 evergreen, decent tread. fit under the arches of a cortina fine. Have a kind of banded look to them. would prob benefit from blasting and powdercoating but they look OK. can bring to monmouth.. £190 image posting
  2. 😄 dick in a bucket.. My OE one was corroded inside so the spring retainer slot was eaten away to the point where that allowed the stat to rattle around a bit. i replaced the spring but needed to tweak it to give a tighter fit due to the corrosion.. even so when I took the housing off a couple of years later to fit the new one i got on ebay the bent spring was still ok. For sure maybe bending it aint the 'right' thing to do but I doubt i've stripped my last pinto where after pulling the stat housing i find the original 40 year old spring clip inside has dissolved and yet they all ran ok.. So i doubt bending a little clip does any harm in the grand scheme of things.
  3. Prob the same factory that makes the ebay ones, mine was a tight fit if anything. I have bent the spring a little to take up the slack in the past. I take it you used a new rubber washer and spring?
  4. I bought one about a year ago, it'll fit. The quality is OK, not ford OE though, I tidied up and polished out some of the casting marks before fitting it.
  5. Hiya, i have a classic Desmo classic roof rack for sale (so prob mk3 era) in alloy. Most are steel and heavy but this one is light but strong, the legs that hold it to the gutter are steel though. The other advantage is if you want to go mad with some autosol you could probably get a mirror like chrone finish to it. As it stands its quite shiny, there are a few slight marks but it looks good. All fixings are present and even the plastic clips & also the brackets that mount to the roof rails. Which are fully adjustible. Practical & looks pretty cool, you can bring bigger bits back from shows on the roof if you have a saloon. It measures: legs allow around 18cm clearance in height from gutter to roof, load area is W67cm L111cm H14cm. £75
  6. By the time I'm done with pistons, rods, arp studs, TT manifold, loom, Ecu, hoses, and got an exhaust built my 205 pinto turbo will probably have cost around £2k. If I hadn't spent that I'd have mx5 running gear. like Craig said a mx5 is ideal, cheap, good power, reliable and economical. And they can be turbo'd or supercharged for less than a grand.
  7. I think the rep for type 9s being weak is unfairly earned but I think if you are putting a lot of power through it and launch from a standing start a lot, especially in the dry or with a heavier car like a cortina mk3, it'll suffer.
  8. That's good to know. Still don't fancy the faff fitting hydraulics though. I had an mx5 about 10 years ago, always heard people getting good power from the standard engine and never complaining about the boxes not coping. The only trouble I had was stiff change from 1st to 2nd on mine from cold, which was common. I've always thought the Japanese put together decent engines/boxes. RB26 skylines running 700bhp 2JZ running over 1000 etc. Prob cheaper to do a full mx5 turbo conversion than just go n/a zetec.
  9. I have a type 9 in mine but if my turbo conversion kills it I've got a spare 4 speed. I'd consider an mx5 box but depends on a few things. Prefer not to make changes to the shell so if you can get the gearstick coming through the standard hole. If it's a hydraulic clutch setup it would require extra work, I'd prefer cable. Retro ford already do crossmembers for the mk1/2 cortina so the other market is mk3-5 and on all those the standard setup is cable operated clutch, most will not want the extra work of going hydraulic. Having a speedo drive that works accurately with the standard dial would be good too. I guess the prop wants altering or a new one making too so it'd boil down to overall cost of your kit, 2nd hand box and prop. If I do knacker my type 9 I'll not be forking out on another only for it to fail and would look into a stronger box. I'm not alone in saying a T5 which is the best option for higher power/torque is out of the question for most, financially. Imo you'd be wise to go on the various facebook cortina groups (there are a lot of them) to gauge interest there also.
  10. Hope things pick up again. The GXL was being done to a great standard so if you do have to sell hopefully it'll fetch a strong price, good luck.
  11. Hope you're doing well Ken & the 2 door/GXL are coming on nice. Rich
  12. I saw these via a facebook page when people first started fitting them, they are superb. I wish there was stainless steel bumpers available for the mk3.
  13. Good luck. I travelled from Somerset to Perth for my last set. I now have a GT which came with factory tombstones so sold them. they are pretty hard to find. the last few pairs I've seen on ebay, facebook and on forums have gone for a small fortune.
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