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  1. sorry mate! blind as a bat! :rofl:
  2. does it have any tax/mot?
  3. nice one, look after her wont you hehe :cheers:
  4. 300 or nearest offer? go on insult me lol no tax unfortunately. mot till october 08 also forgot to mention bottom of doors need tidying. could spend a weekend and have it looking nice
  5. apjoe18

    wanted 2.0 pinto

    change of plan people sorry to mess you about, now the car has to be sold as i dont have the time to do her up may be moving soon and dont have the space to keep her! gutted to see her go sorry again guys :winner:
  6. 1982 mk5 crusader,Good bits: carribean blue, mot, interior good, registered as a 1.6 but with 2.0 fitted, 5 speed fitted (have the 4speed) polybushed front suspension, 4branch fitted, twinchoke webber, 3 point harness. not so good bits, getting scabby around the sills not rotted through could do with sanding and stone chipping to be honest, engine smokes (runs great tho no cam knock!), needs a battery. damage: hit in the front corner bending the bumper (pillock backed into it in a car park) truck pulled out and hit the drivers rear corner pushed it in a bit. drivers window reg broken (door card is off as i was going to get one). i have the original bill of sale and some service history i am only the second owner of her ive owned it for 2 years now and been great got me to cornwall and back no trouble 600 mile round trip 4 times. been up to glasgow as well 500 mile round trip. have got the original 1.6 engine to go with her. just serviced. looking for £300 has to be worth that in bits! dont want to scrap her!
  7. apjoe18

    wanted 2.0 pinto

    lymm is only 10 mins away from me mate let me know when your there :unsure:
  8. apjoe18

    wanted 2.0 pinto

    are you in nelson did you say? or you collected it from nelson hehe! :winner:
  9. apjoe18

    bits for sale

    45 quid? with inlet manifold and air filter do you mate?
  10. apjoe18

    wanted 2.0 pinto

    Have one that we havnt heard run but was bought by its last owner as a good runner £100 collected from Nelson Lancs what block is it? just out of interest :cheers:
  11. apjoe18

    bits for sale

    2.0 carb now sold :cheers:
  12. pm me if you have any cheers
  13. apjoe18

    wanted 2.0 pinto

    hi im after a good, running 2.0 pinto (preferably in car so i can hear it lol) doesnt have to have ancilliaries (got plenty) cheers guys!
  14. apjoe18

    alloys for sale

    i have 4 good (odd tiny scuff but not noticeable) 100+ alloys for sale modern 15inch lots of spokes hehe. all have good low profiles on and are universal 4stud fit (i think. they fit ford anyway!) 120 quid ono? i have pics ill get them up asap
  15. apjoe18

    bits for sale

    i have 2 twin choke webber carbs for sale including manifolds, one is a ford item off a 2.0 pinto, the other i dont know what its off ran great on my 1.6 pinto though. both run fine on cars. ford one could do with a clean but the other is ok, open to offers. also i have a good 4speed box from a mk5,
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