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  1. To be fair Rob cortinas are well just......cortinas!! So overpriced but that's the ford scene now Thanks for the replys again
  2. Thanks for the quick replys. As Andrew has said he was very keen on this car He asked my opinion and I gave an honest blunt one! As said here its all wrong advert poor etc Also I told him of the google salvage pics Dont want to slag the guys car off but at that price it needs exploring properly BSC was the place to come for proper advice thanks fellas
  3. Yep as I saw it, all mk5 bits but the listing is sketchy 3.0 engine, then it says 2.8 engine! The roof needs replacing that interior looks in poor condition, I see that car at 3k?? It really looks like a mk5 shell to me
  4. Cant seem to upload pics here now Car is on google search as I. Crayford cortinas
  5. Its finished Tonight will try and get mor pics Car had no bids at £4500
  6. Yep tibs car is a t plate, but has mk5 lights wings and bumpers all a bit of a mismatch tbh Owner says its a genuine car, just need advice Im not convinced on this car
  7. Hello Bsc people,I have a good friend new to cortinas he is interested in a crayford mk4...???? YOX 90T on eBay I've been away from cortinas for six years now and have no idea if this car is a mk4??? Plenty of mk5 stuff on it and at the price quoted I'm a bit sceptical and don't want my mate to buy a wrongun,any advice on here much appreciated cheers Dan
  8. What's the message ?" how many rivets on your wheels?"
  9. Hello me old China,,yes alive and kicking mate just older wiser......and even better looking :thumbup:
  10. Hi rod good to hear from you too, glad you've seen my post for what it is! Tongue in cheek,,the whole cortina things gone crazy ain't it? Just seen my old mk2 deluxe for sale at £7995!!! Just four years after I sold that 1300 deluxe for £2000, I'd rather spend that money on something else tbh, but each to his own I suppose, my old ford days are gone!
  11. The best looking cortina? It's gotta be yours...cos yours is always better than mine :sofa:
  12. Bloke lives near me, tried to buy that car many times is a clean car
  13. This site don't change much, all beginning to sound like the lotus cortina anoraks :rolleyes: "mines genuine" yea of course it is mate just had two bodyshells lol, personally I think that estate is very nice it ain't gonna burn someone's pocket, unlike some off the "the real lotus" cars out there,, just my humble opinion of course B)
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