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  1. This site don't change much, all beginning to sound like the lotus cortina anoraks :rolleyes: "mines genuine" yea of course it is mate just had two bodyshells lol, personally I think that estate is very nice it ain't gonna burn someone's pocket, unlike some off the "the real lotus" cars out there,, just my humble opinion of course B)
  2. Because that's what most people in the ford scene like doing ,such a shame the scene has been ruined by big egos, again I like the car glwts
  3. Anoraks......how many rivets on the wheels, put a green stripe on it and just say it's a lotus :thumbup: then slag everyone else's car off, looks a straight car glwts
  4. danb

    1600e Wanted

    32k for a properly restored GENUINE lotus ...seems about right to me
  5. danb


    as above good clean manual mk5
  6. just stupid prices..no wonder "the hobby" has gone for some
  7. danb

    Cortina 1600E S2

    without the doubt the best cortina ive seen for sale on here, i want that car so much i still beleive in father xmas.....maybe just maybe!! good luck with the sale just beautiful :thumbup:
  8. hi mate its danny who you bought the granada from,,, just a bit of a warning mate that mk5 ghia aint good i looked over it during the summer, imo its only worth about £700 atb danny

  9. danb

    Mk5 2.0 ghia

    very good price and rare good luck with the sale, a month too late for me!
  10. danb

    mk5 1600l

    i havent been up that way for a few weeks but the guy had the car for a few years so it may still be there, its at the top off wrotham hill about three miles from brands hatch
  11. danb

    mk5 crusader/ghia or gl

    bump....nothing out there??!!
  12. danb

    Car Trimmer

    ive had some seats repaired by this fella top work :thumbup:
  13. ok im going to be looking for a mk5 must be a manual and in very good original condition really dont want a modified car, as said i want a car without any work needed or any rotters! prefer 2 litre but may consider a 1600 if its a nice car ive just come out of hospital after an op so cant travel about for a while but i can arrange collection from anywhere in the uk. putting the feelers out now, any colour considered cash waiting for the right car pm me or text/call anytime on 07711 825438 thanks DANNY
  14. danb

    mk2 lotus

    cheap or dear???? seemed tidy enough
  15. danb

    mk5 1600l

    whilst leaving a local car show today we saw this mk5 for sale at a car front,,, the car is very very clean low miles and two owners since new, the wing rails as usual on these need a bit of work, but the rest seems good, think a bit of haggling could be had here to ill get the phone number when i return to the show tomoro the dealer has had this garaged for three years
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