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  1. well that's the old cortina down at her new home in essex (why do i have such trouble with touch typing the word ezzes...essez....essex!!). i drove her the 400-odd miles down at 60mph without a hitch, apart from arsehole lorry drivers burning my backside to get a closer look, that is! :angry2: i could hardly escape the service stations for folk coming over and talking about cortinas and how much they loved theirs - everyone has a story! fascinating stuff. :D on the way i spotted a few classics - alfa romeo spyder, an opel manta, some frank cannon looking yank on the back of a trailer, an ancient beetle and an awesome green mk1 granada on the A120 that i tried to catch up with for miles but risked losing my licence over!! when i eventually arrived in exxes (DAMN!!) i was looking through the old paperwork, green shield stamps, tax discs etc - i noticed the rubber stamp marking on the discs - it turns out that the car lived in the colchester area most of it's life - i'd never even noticed this before! so tallulah was going home right enough. her new owner, rick had known of her for many years and indeed it was me that unknowingly pipped him to the purchase three years ago when i bought her from a guy in weston super mare who'd turned the car around after some bodywork! also, recently i applied to the DVLA for some information regarding the quattro's first venture out on the roads - it turns out that it was sold by a company called grange motors in brentwood on my eighteenth birthday and was registered to a company still in business in the local area! :lol: funny how a little bit of motoring history brings you over all nostalgic. :) anyhoo, here's a few shots of tallulah on her way dahhnn sarff yesterday - many thanks to rick for buying her - what a gent and what a car. :thumbup:
  2. Tallulah is now sold. She has got a nice new home "Dahn Sarf" again! :car:
  3. i have no idea what it would cost i'm afraid. probably a tank of fuel! if you pm me your email address i'll get some more photos and details off to you. craig
  4. hi all, i'm reducing the price of the car in the hope that someone will buy it before insurance renewal time! give us a shout if you're interested but not if you have anything whatsoever to do with banger racing!! :shocking: http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C240396 craig
  5. well, keep me posted and you never know - tallulah could be going down to gene hunt territory where she belongs!! :D
  6. i doubt if those words above have EVER been used in the same sentence, but there you go! i'm looking for the plastic trim panel and the recline lever knob, as shown. the trim doesn't necessarily have to be blue but of course it would help enormously! many thanks craig
  7. ahh, so my old RS had done the rounds right enough! thanks :thumbup:
  8. interesting. my old RS was bought in plymouth around 1990 although i guess it could have been ten times round the country by that age! do you know where "LFV"'s original registration area is?
  9. WOW!!!! i almost spat out my breakfast!! my old venetian red mk2 RS2000 was LFV 22T!!! how i MISS that car! probably hiding in a garage somewhere as it's not on the road and hasn't been for years now.. :(
  10. yup, she has been stored away since then safe from that bloody salt that loves to eat old fords!! anyway, roll on springtime and lots of fun out on the open roads! craig
  11. hi all, i'm contemplating selling Tallulah in the spring. i had a few time wasters the tail end the autumn and then i've had her stored all winter. with spring time just around the corner (hopefully!)i'm going to be advertising her again in a few places on the net. anyway, if anyone is interested i would consider a discount for buysellcortina folk as i know you'll look after her and not banger race her or any other kind of sacreligeous act! anyhoo, here's the advert and if you're interested then give us a shout. all the best, craig http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C240396
  12. have you tried www.burtonopower.com?
  13. hi allan, lol oh if a discovery was my thing then sure thing! i'm into the quattro now - i love this car! the cortina needs to go to a nice new home where someone will look after her properly. fingers crossed :@) craig
  14. my mk4 is up for sale, folks - i would love her to find a new caring home miles away from any banger racing circuit!! she's far too nice for that! craig :@) http://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/45604-ford-sale-1977-ford-cortina-mk4-20-ghia-l2995/
  15. hi all, i'm reluctantly selling Tallulah as two classics are just too much for my bank manager, so unfortunately this lovely old Mk4 has to find a caring new home. it would be fabulous if she went to one of you. she is up here in scotland, just outside glasgow and has been kept under cover from the elements. she is in beautilful condition thoughout and has been well cared for in her long life. we are selling her for the small sum of £2995 and will come with a new MOT and 6 month's tax. here's the advert link, photos and a youtube video link. http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C240396 craig :@)
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