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  1. I read that he wants a Capri instead so would be putting it up for sale.
  2. Have a look at Wayne Michael Gethings one over on the Cortina mk4&5 fanatics site on Facebook. Top spec and very nice indeed.
  3. The best one I saw was Allan D’s KAU who’s restoration was documented on Bsc.
  4. Easy enough to replace with modern 4” speakers and hide them behind the factory grilles which would give a better sound than the originals, but as you say, if you want to keep it original, they can be replaced.

    Used mk2 wings

    Have you still got these Dave ?

    Mk3 Bits Wanted

    Mustang ones from CJ Pony Parts fit very well.
  7. Great to hear that you are enjoying the car. Martin was a well respected forum member and is sadly missed. He did a great job on the car and the restoration thread is still on this site.
  8. Nice car. Martins old one iirc. Not easy to get hold of those bars. I think you can modify those from a Volvo estate.

    PFL mk3

    Folks, has anyone got a nut that holds the steering wheel on a pre facelift mk3 please ? God only knows where I have put mine, its around here somewhere.......
  10. Will find out for you tomorrow.
  11. Got a new wing here, not been stored well, surface rust £30 any good ?
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