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  1. I have a standard 7 pin socket and I was looking at how to route it neatly into the boot area to connect it to the main loom.
  2. I found a tow bar the same as you have nogE, so I thought I’d fit it. Thanks for your replies chaps.
  3. Have you any pics of how you routed the wiring from the tow bar into the body please nogE ?

    Mk3 rear bumper.

    Looking for a rear bumper please folks. Gxl spec but if you have one without the trim that’s fine. Must be straight and in very good condition. Thanks in advance.

    Anti roll bar

    Guys, I’m looking for a 16mm front anti roll bar please, mk4/5. Thanks in advance.
  6. That would be brilliant if he could please.
  7. Can anyone help me out with a pre facelift mk3 centre console bracket please ? The one I need I’d the triangular one at the front underneath the four clocks. Thanks in advance.
  8. Just got up to date with this, brilliant stuff.
  9. Can anyone help me out please folks ? I’m looking for a pre facelift oil pressure sender and associated pipe work that feeds the gauge in the four pod cluster. I have the gauge but nothing else. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Dave.
  10. Those seats look mint !
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