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  1. I read that he wants a Capri instead so would be putting it up for sale.
  2. Have a look at Wayne Michael Gethings one over on the Cortina mk4&5 fanatics site on Facebook. Top spec and very nice indeed.
  3. The best one I saw was Allan D’s KAU who’s restoration was documented on Bsc.
  4. Easy enough to replace with modern 4” speakers and hide them behind the factory grilles which would give a better sound than the originals, but as you say, if you want to keep it original, they can be replaced.

    Used mk2 wings

    Have you still got these Dave ?

    Mk3 Bits Wanted

    Mustang ones from CJ Pony Parts fit very well.
  7. Great to hear that you are enjoying the car. Martin was a well respected forum member and is sadly missed. He did a great job on the car and the restoration thread is still on this site.
  8. Nice car. Martins old one iirc. Not easy to get hold of those bars. I think you can modify those from a Volvo estate.

    PFL mk3

    Folks, has anyone got a nut that holds the steering wheel on a pre facelift mk3 please ? God only knows where I have put mine, its around here somewhere.......
  10. Will find out for you tomorrow.
  11. Got a new wing here, not been stored well, surface rust £30 any good ?
  12. Try Expressed steel panels or Motomobil. Oh, and welcome to Bsc.
  13. I wouldn’t have thought Pete would part with PDM, so that’s come as a surprise.
  14. Aerial and vv carb etc. For me please noggin the nog.
  15. Didn’t think you would part with that. It’s a minter !
  16. No. 5 on that diagram. All sorted now thanks to the good folk on Bsc.
  17. Whilst stripping down the front clip from my mk3 two of the bolts have been rendered useless after removal. Has anyone got a lower wishbone pivot bolt and an upper wishbone pivot bolt along with the nuts they would sell please ? Even If you only have the bolts I can source the nutsnuts that go with them. Car is a pre-facelift 72 but I think all 3/4/5 are the same. Thanks, Dave.
  18. Craig, if you could get mk3 wheel arch trims reproduced you would have a lot of interest as they seem to be either ridiculously expensive or glorified bandsaw blades.
  19. I tried in vain to get a ruby red carpet for my mk3 and spoke to stuboy off ebay about one and he said they were rare even when new. Might have to be a Coverdales or similar Mr Tibbs.
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