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  1. For those of us that have to deal with them on a regular basis, they are known as the Devious A....
  2. Thanks...will let him know....he'll be chuffed !
  3. Pinto...2000E, with GXL grill...any more we should know?
  4. SEV belongs to Mark , one of the organisers...lovely car :)
  5. A little concern over your map board , Jayne. Is this to go on the navigator's lap while car is being driven in anger?...if so , please use nothing stronger than cardboard or foam board. Poti etc should be plugged into dashboard and mapboard needs to be not too solid in case of an accident. Last thing a nav wants is a solid ply map board between her and safety...
  6. Friend of mine bought some VW camper seats off eBay.....had the unmistakable aroma of weed......
  7. Something must be working.....since 3.30 yesterday the website has had over 200 hits...I know that doesn't make 200 Cortinas but there are plenty of people who know about the day!....11000 hits this year, by the way.:)... Hopefully the showday won't be too quiet!
  8. My Toyota hybrid is called the milk float..
  9. Looking like a future winner at Cortina Day to me...make sure you talk to the Judge :)
  10. 7 pm's in one afternoon!!!,,,,only 1 person admitting it though:-)
  11. I've usually got a pretty good idea of likely 'car of the show' candidates by now, but looks as if my job is going to be a bit harder this year...could be a lot of really nice cars on their way to Monmouth this year...looking forward to having my work cut out this year... P's. . Bribes can be offered by pm :)
  12. Firenza , Avenger, Ascona, Dolomite sprint Fiat 131 Abarth, Saab 99 Turbo, most Alfa, ..... How did I end up with Cortinas !?? Oh yeah, mustn't forget Sunbeam
  13. The only thing to rival that would be a Fiat 131 Abarth ...another gorgeous Italian..
  14. 7 GXL was on a really nice car a few years ago.....or was it GXL 7....?
  15. The owner bought a BRM rover 25 thingies off a friends son this week. If the Capri doesn't sell he's going to bring it to Cortina Day/Wye Fords next year :)
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