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  1. You could try here https://www.motomobil.com/en/products/windscreen-washer-reservoir-only-with-headlamp-washing-system-60446800-4
  2. I'm after a pair of suspension cup panels for a series 2 1600gt.
  3. As it says on the tin. I need a pair of front hubs. Anyone got a spare pair for sale?
  4. Mk2 Crayford

    Mk2 Crayford

  5. This is the one I've got spare.
  6. Ive got a spare standard rear box but not a gt one.
  7. If anyone is looking for a windscreen rubber dont use Burton Motorsport. Theirs dont fit!
  8. Cheers Kev. I'lll give you a call on Friday to sort out picking one up. Aidy.
  9. Im after a good mk2 series 2 windscreen. Any out there in the essex area
  10. Ok just looked in the parts book and thd front and back are the same part number, but now looking at mine it isnt a mk2 cortina one. Its a different shape, no "lugs" on the left - escort?
  11. Had a look and the boot has not been re-drilled. Looking at the rest of the letters the D is much smaller. F is 37mm long with pin spacing of 27mm O is 40mm long with pin spacing of 31mm R is 37mm long with pin spacing of 25mm D is 31mm long with pin spacing of 25mm The D seems small when laid out close to the other letters. Im now wondering if it might be a bonnet one.
  12. Ill have a look tomorrow. Sods law says its been redrilled but i havent noticed when i just repainted it.
  13. Just had a look at the one ive got and its pins are 25mm c/c, but the holes in the boot are 28mm. Is there a difference on series 1 & 2?
  14. Cheers,doesnt look quite like that at the moment. Just put new sills, rear arches and a rear lower panel on it. I'll check the pin spacings (or holes) next week when i'm near the car.
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