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  1. Having a garage clearout and came across a set of four wheelarch liners which I'd saved off a Mk3 Granada - I was told with a bit of trimming these make a good fit for a Mk3/4/5 Cortina. They are free to anyone who wants them, but you'll need to collect (Bournemouth area). Don't come on here much so best to text me direct if you want them on 07462 445824 Thanks, Steve
  2. Why is it you want to replicate the loom? If the existing loom hasn't been chopped about then you may well be able to carry out a refurb with new connectors and binding it all up with fresh loom tape.
  3. They've turned out really nice - I'll bet you're happy with that result!
  4. stevewes


    Took the car to a show today and for the first time... IT WON A PRIZE!!!!! ... for dirtiest car at the show. :sofa:
  5. Superb - someone loves you :icecream:
  6. Looks like a lot of work as gone into restoring that shell, did someone give up on it?
  7. Doors are Mk4 - sharp corner at top of window frame and mirrors mounted on doorskin, so must be a Mk4 shell. If you google the reg. there are some pictures of it with a silver bootlid and numbers written on it in crayon as if it had been sold through a salvage auction. Dodgier than the dodgiest thing in a box of very dodgy things.
  8. You absolutely cannot paint on top of Waxoyl, it has to be the last thing to go on.
  9. stevewes


    Had a very loud trip home from work earlier this week - the downpipe parted company with the exhaust manifold. On inspection, the flange at the top of the pipe had fractured - I suspect it's been on the way out for some time which explains why it's been impossible to stop the manifold joint blowing. Ordered a replacement online which turned up next day - car running quieter than it has for a long time :thumbup:
  10. Nice work going on there - does he know roughly when he'll have the shell finished?
  11. Listing is still there but ended - by the seller presumably, as they disappear without trace if ended by ebay.
  12. Good luck with the sale - I tried selling the sweetest 1600 Pinto a while back with 40K miles on it, but in the end I couldn't even give it away - ended up calling the scrap man to take it away :tears:
  13. I'm sure there's an old Steve Taylor post with photographs showing how to fit a sierra rack - you will need to modify the clip by welding in two triangular sections as the mounting points are different. It seems a lot of work compared to fitting a genuine Cortina PAS rack which is just a straight bolt-in (apart from PFL Mk3). They are fairly rare but they do crop up from time to time.
  14. You find Cortinas in the most unlikely places...
  15. Interested to see your centre speaker, I remember you used a dual coil unit in Swampy - have you reverted to two speakers for sound quality or other issues?
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