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  1. Having a garage clearout and came across a set of four wheelarch liners which I'd saved off a Mk3 Granada - I was told with a bit of trimming these make a good fit for a Mk3/4/5 Cortina. They are free to anyone who wants them, but you'll need to collect (Bournemouth area). Don't come on here much so best to text me direct if you want them on 07462 445824 Thanks, Steve
  2. Good luck with the sale - I tried selling the sweetest 1600 Pinto a while back with 40K miles on it, but in the end I couldn't even give it away - ended up calling the scrap man to take it away :tears:
  3. I wish my wife would buy me a Mk3 Cortina :sofa:
  4. stevewes

    Mk 5 Dash

    Do you mean the Mk5 style 'not-very-convincing-wood-effect-printed-on-plastic' type, or the Mk4 style genuine wood veneer type?
  5. Do you know the price? Just up the road from me, and tempting :icecream:
  6. Yes I think Mk5s have the same issue as Mk2s - namely that the shell aperture is always the same but you can get marginally smaller glass / thicker seal or larger glass / thinner seal, so you have to have the right seal to go with the glass. It sounds like you might have a smaller glass / thinner seal combination which is why it isn't sealing properly, but a sealant may well cure the problem.
  7. Is the seal itself it in good condition (i.e. not perished) then you could consider getting the screen removed and re-seated using an appropriate sealant. All my fixed glass was fitted 'dry' (i.e. without sealant) as I believe is common practice so maybe yours was done the same when it was refitted?
  8. What do you mean by 'Heck' - is this an aftermarket manufacturer, or is it a genuine Ford spoiler?
  9. It's on the original post - £55 inc delivery
  10. stevewes

    Mk3 GXL

    Nothing wrong with profit, but plenty wrong with profiteering - there's a big difference :icecream:
  11. http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C825629 NOA966X goes under the hammer on 2nd March
  12. The viscous pump has the left handed thread to screw the viscous fan assembly onto it, but you can fit a fixed fan quite happily to this type of pump. This is what I did to mine when the viscous fan started playing up, and it has the added benefit that the radiator doesn't need moving forward as it does with the twin pulley / viscous fan arrangement.
  13. Have you made a start on yours yet Jim or are you still collecting parts?
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