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  1. Pre 2001 font, the character widths of 57mm and heights 79mm are used. 2001 onwards style, the widths are 50mm and heights 79mm. So, your number plate has 7 full width characters (no letter I or number 1), so the characters should take up the full space of the plate with hardly any room at each end IF the plate had the(correct!) pre 2001 font. Nerdy stuff maybe but very noticeable non the less . Charles Wright – K-Type (k-type.com) Who was Charles Wright? – K-Type (k-type.com)
  2. Stunning Correct font no. plate and you're sorted.
  3. I think it's a nice accessory to have on an estate, looks like it's meant to be there. I've seen some with unsightly bracketry which bolts behind the bumper, your Ford one looks tidy, very nice car indeed.
  4. That looks lovely Will you tow with it?
  5. Try find a company that does age related plates, I used to use DMB for plates but they no longer do them for legal reasons I think?! Maybe getting the original selling dealers logo on the plate as well would be a nice touch. Plates For Cars Designer - Design Online .....if you click the down arrow in the "font" box you can select correct age related font.
  6. Loving the stripes, very nice. The new font number plate is howling though!
  7. The first post mentions a 2.8 ? ....did it get fitted?
  8. What's the condition like? I'd love an estate
  9. Happy days if that's all it needed?
  10. Nice looking car, same colour (I think) as my Dad used to have.....his had the spoiler too. MOT history is interesting .
  11. Ford cortina mk3 car parts GXL | eBay
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