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  1. What now, are they good or need paint/powder-coating? Have you got nuts to go with them?
  2. That sounds about right. I was thinking similar. That first link for the e-bay ones isn't that far off the mark I suppose?
  3. Very nice set here...… https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-Ghia-Mk4-Mk5-13x5-5j-Alloy-Wheels-Capri-Escort-Fiesta-Mk1-Mk2-Mk3/173645033461?hash=item286e0ceff5:g:wewAAOSwgVJb7y2u:rk:8:pf:0 …..or 2 here if you can collect.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-cortina-ghia-alloy-wheels-tyres/183630561526?hash=item2ac13c00f6:g:CF8AAOSwe9VcN8RG:rk:2:pf:1 What are Ghia wheels worth these days?
  4. A better ad than the Doc's maybe?! Nice looking car, I personally wouldn't let the MOT history put me off....but it does give you an idea as to what bits of the car need a thorough inspection.
  5. It is a shame really, proper pictures would attract proper interest? Some car dealers show great pictures that WILL sell a car, I myself have bought cars without actually seeing the car in the flesh/metal...………..the Doc's pictures look good as art-work, but I suspect they're not a true perspective of the actual item for sale?
  6. I had it in my head that the recessed bits were "dove grey" in colour.....same as RS 4-spokes? Anyone?...………..
  7. A lot of pictures that I've previously posted are gone.....will they appear at some point?!
  8. A Rostyle is a Rostyle ! I'd call your's GL rims........or dartboard style as you say.
  9. The seller's paying the postage ?!
  10. Due to replace the points and condenser on my car and before I waste lots of time looking.....can anyone recommend a reliable source of QUALITY parts?
  11. :thumbup: Nice looking car. GLWS
  12. John Mack

    Mk5 Brake M/C

    :thumbup: Thanks.
  13. John Mack

    Mk5 Brake M/C

    Pretty sure it's Girling calipers on my car.....is it safe to assume it'll be a Girling type M/C that I need?? Or does it matter? Cheers.
  14. John Mack

    Mk5 Brake M/C

    Ok thanks to you all. I suppose I'm liking this at £45 !!....... https://brakeparts.co.uk/shop/Ford/Cortina/77-82/Cortina%204&5%201.6%20&%202.0%20OHC/Hydraulic%20Actuation%20-%20Master%20Cylinders%20and%20Reg%20Valves/BMC4259
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