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  1. John Mack


    What now, are they good or need paint/powder-coating? Have you got nuts to go with them?
  2. John Mack


    That sounds about right. I was thinking similar. That first link for the e-bay ones isn't that far off the mark I suppose?
  3. John Mack


    Very nice set here...… https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-Ghia-Mk4-Mk5-13x5-5j-Alloy-Wheels-Capri-Escort-Fiesta-Mk1-Mk2-Mk3/173645033461?hash=item286e0ceff5:g:wewAAOSwgVJb7y2u:rk:8:pf:0 …..or 2 here if you can collect.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-cortina-ghia-alloy-wheels-tyres/183630561526?hash=item2ac13c00f6:g:CF8AAOSwe9VcN8RG:rk:2:pf:1 What are Ghia wheels worth these days?
  4. John Mack

    The Doctor has a MK5 2.3 for sale.

    A better ad than the Doc's maybe?! Nice looking car, I personally wouldn't let the MOT history put me off....but it does give you an idea as to what bits of the car need a thorough inspection.
  5. John Mack

    The Doctor has a MK5 2.3 for sale.

    It is a shame really, proper pictures would attract proper interest? Some car dealers show great pictures that WILL sell a car, I myself have bought cars without actually seeing the car in the flesh/metal...………..the Doc's pictures look good as art-work, but I suspect they're not a true perspective of the actual item for sale?
  6. John Mack

    The Doctor has a MK5 2.3 for sale.

    I had it in my head that the recessed bits were "dove grey" in colour.....same as RS 4-spokes? Anyone?...………..
  7. John Mack

    is there a new forum layout again?

    A lot of pictures that I've previously posted are gone.....will they appear at some point?!
  8. John Mack

    Ford rostyle wheels

    A Rostyle is a Rostyle ! I'd call your's GL rims........or dartboard style as you say.
  9. John Mack


    The seller's paying the postage ?!
  10. John Mack

    Mk5 Bosch Ign Points.

    Due to replace the points and condenser on my car and before I waste lots of time looking.....can anyone recommend a reliable source of QUALITY parts?
  11. John Mack


    :thumbup: Nice looking car. GLWS
  12. John Mack

    Mk5 Brake M/C

    :thumbup: Thanks.
  13. John Mack

    Mk5 Brake M/C

    Pretty sure it's Girling calipers on my car.....is it safe to assume it'll be a Girling type M/C that I need?? Or does it matter? Cheers.
  14. John Mack

    Mk5 Brake M/C

    Ok thanks to you all. I suppose I'm liking this at £45 !!....... https://brakeparts.co.uk/shop/Ford/Cortina/77-82/Cortina%204&5%201.6%20&%202.0%20OHC/Hydraulic%20Actuation%20-%20Master%20Cylinders%20and%20Reg%20Valves/BMC4259