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  1. Been mulling over the 2022 C2C idea, things to do to my car but I'm hoping to it'll be ship shape for this time next year and we'll be Dolomite bound !
  2. Has seen some love over the years, interior has been trimmed in leather... looked comfortable!
  3. Had a visitor today, Ford variant! Nice wee car, has had a few modifications but nothing too offensive!
  4. Probably hasn't changed that much ?!
  5. Thanks Hans, weather has been particularly good for us this summer
  6. Still just 2 dogs Steve ? 300 miles yesterday, quite enough for one day! We went up via Perth and Blairgowrie and up to Braemar, roads weren't too busy but we came back on the east side and down to Dundee then Forth Road Bridge....that was busy/slow.
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