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  1. I'll be going Steve but might be taking wifes car if I deem the prop to be ropey. Got a few spare prop bits in the garage so might get it fixed (for now) but it's never had any attention since I got the car so it probably needs a full strip and going over?
  2. A couple of pics from the weekend, car going well but have a wee clonk in the drivetrain which I think is prop-shaft related. Will need to take a look.
  3. That's looking great, I do like a bit o' vinyl
  4. Saw a mk2 Savage on a trailer today, about 2:15 in Lauder main street(A68) A new purchase for someone maybe? Red in colour with black roof and split rim wheels by the looks of it. 👍🏻
  5. Looks good. Any more pictures?
  6. Have Burton's made a mould from a manky old one ?!!
  7. Back on it this morning. As can be seen in the picture, I’d rubbed the housing but wasn’t happy with it so gave it a bit more action with the emery paper.
  8. Have been threatening to replace the water pump for a couple of years now but it hasn’t done many miles as of recently but today I found the pump I’d bought about 8 years ago and set about changing it. The viscous van came off surprisingly easy, it has had a pump before I got the car though. The pump I removed was actually in good usable condition, after stripping off the 'stat housing it was evident that this was the source of my slight leak. No matter though the old pump will get kept as a spare. The mating surface on the thermostat housing wasn't great so I rubbed it flat on a piece of emery paper, looks a lot better now but I need to get hold of a new gasket, have gasket paper to hand but if I can get the right thing locally then it beats fannying around cutting shapes of paper?!
  9. The Capri Club hoses..... Choke unit to manifold fits like a glove, the other going to the matrix could be routed a few ways, I decided not to cut it as I’ll keep it as a spare, refitted my old hose which was just a piece of generic heater hose.
  10. Yes, and plug the end of the pipe.
  11. Is that a trick question ?.........I don't think I've seen a weber with factory manual choke, but if it has manual choke then it'll have no need for coolant pipes to carb?....so I think these hoses are specifically for auto choke. The one between auto choke housing and manifold will fit for sure, the other which goes from choke housing to heater matrix might be a problem depending on matrix location compared with mk5 Cortina.........I personally think it'll be ok. Definitely worth a shot at 24 quid. Can someone confirm the above?
  12. John Mack

    my Mk5s

    I assume it was only available in Ireland ?
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