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  1. John Mack

    Mk3 2 dr x 2

    Gutted for you, that'd break my heart. When you say "drove off", was it a hit and run?
  2. Yeah, I get that. For me it'd be burbling away while I sip on a Belgian beer
  3. Ok, I had cause to contact Autoplas about mine (mk5) as I was missing some clips, they were pretty helpful I thought.
  4. Maybe @sierra3dr means this type of thing?..... Damaged Impact Screw Removal 14PCS Bolt Nut Extractor Twist Socket Tool Kit Set | eBay
  5. I think @mouse mentioned the issue in post 2? Was it not obvious when the spring was fitted to the strut? I'd be surprised if these days you can't get a strut insert with a shorter ram ?
  6. In case anyone is interested, I used 2 mk1 Golf Driver spoilers, part no. in the picture. Also if anyone has a car that’s 3 foot wide I can forward the bits I have left over !
  7. As most will notice, my mk5 Ghia has a few add-ons……. and today I added another. As a genuine spoiler is hard to find I made my own from 2 cheap eBay jobs!
  8. 'tis a nice looking car..... I'll bet it's never broken down !?
  9. Some turnout !! What variety?! Got a liking for Volvo Estates recently, liked the ones at 1:37 and 4:10 Was that a Mazda 626 Coupe at 6:35 ?
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