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  1. Disappointing to hear that sort of thing.
  2. Maybe getting in touch with Ford themselves?, if they can clarify the build date then you can forward this to DVLA
  3. Maybe your car sat about for a bit then ? Hope you get your free tax! I need to check mine too. Nic' says "just hud it for a wee bit longer"
  4. That link you posted states it's the 11th and 12th characters of the vin number(last two letters before the 5 numbers at the end) that determine build date ?
  5. Like you and most others here, I remember those days with great memories. Had many a Saturday morning trip, Escorts', Capris' and Cortinas' piled high, thought it was a bit of a sad sight at the time even if I did get a good haul. How I wish I could relive those days!!
  6. Are you refitting the standard steering wheel ?
  7. Maybe a bodyshop could roll the arch lips a bit?
  8. As above, great to see more pictures of this, please keep them coming !
  9. Looking good, what exhaust system is on it do you know?....or is it just a modified tail-pipe?
  10. Does it not have be into it's 41st year before it gets the free tax....or something daft like that ?
  11. Looks a decent enough mk5 I love those wheels !!.....................................on a Capri What's the rear spoiler?.....is it a genuine Ford one that's been painted or is it another make/type?
  12. Sounds promising , cheers.
  13. I suppose I should really get the pump assessed first by a company like the above. There's a place I've used before which was where I was going to get the rack refurbished, they could likely do the pump to if it isn't too far gone ? Previous to me getting it the pump looks to have been in a damp environment.
  14. I haven't given it any thought, because I have the rack and pump I was just going to go a more original route so to speak.
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