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  1. John Mack

    mk5 wanted

    At your price limit perhaps but this looks very nice and at least you could enjoy the rest of the summer using it ……. https://www.gumtree.com/p/ford/ford-cortina-crusader-/1377506608
  2. Here might be a good place to advertise as well?...… https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/
  3. John Mack

    mk5 wanted

    This could be worth a look?? Body and interior look pretty decent although a lot of surface rust in the engine bay and what looks like a hole in NS inner wing and NS of boot floor by seal? If you're close, could be worth a look?......a trundle up the M5 and you're there!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-CORTINA-MK5-2-0-GL-ESTATE/164239479300?hash=item263d6f9204:g:GBgAAOSw2eNe4Rg4
  4. That's lovely....good luck with sale.
  5. My car wears a louvre on the rear screen, it shades the back seat noticeably and as I often have my dogs in the back I'd say it does a job, some might call it tat though......I love it. Would be a funny world if we all liked the same thing?
  6. I wonder if the extra leverage that the bigger wheels have is what contributed to bending the half-shaft flange?
  7. John Mack

    Mk5 parts,

    I would think it's this little lot...…. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mk5-Cortina-Parts/324069035661?hash=item4b74050e8d%3Ag%3AtGwAAOSws0Vdh1sb&LH_Auction=1
  8. ……..or only have the older smileys, they're much better and a sufficient number?
  9. https://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/75991-new-fuel-sender-units-for-sale-on-the-bay/&tab=comments#comment-687565
  10. Very good. The place I used to get Fram filters stopped selling them, instead they started selling Wix. I was sceptical because I hadn't heard of them but turns out they've been on the go for a while.
  11. I've just checked out a Fram v's Wix video
  12. I've not bought a Fram filter for a couple of years but never had an issue with them, what's the problem with them?
  13. John Mack

    Mk5 parts,

  14. That's a nice looking mk2 you have...….and I'm loving the 240 Ovlov !! Good luck with sale.
  15. John Mack

    Pinto backfiring

    Are you 110% sure the firing order is right?
  16. Aye, insurance...…..they're just out to hump everyone! Self employment is great now I'm back working for a big company......it wasn't for me!
  17. Sorry to hear this Glenn, maybe insurance will pay out £8k?! Merc still produce a lot of bits for their old cars?
  18. https://www.freeads.co.uk/uk/buy-sell/motors/classic-cars/35657011/1965-mercedes-190-fintail-saloon--may-take-px-/view#.XVGz4ndFzIU Glenn.....good luck in the 'tina hunt.
  19. I wonder what the seller gave for it?...….£100 ??
  20. John Mack

    Ghia wheels

    What's the date on the tyres? Are the "square holes" dove grey coloured? Any close up pictures? They look good I think.
  21. That seller in Oz is a joker !! I see that mk4 is available but shows 2 different trim profiles as opposed to mk5 which only shows 1 ??………..price is the same though so maybe it's an error on their site? Will message them I think.
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