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  1. FUZZY


    Hi looking for a p100 in good nick. Too lazy to do a full restored on a shed.
  2. Hi ... several years ago saw a truck do this on fisherman who constantly reversed it into sea to retrieve boat etc. seem to recall when I saw him later with it fixed ,,, he showed me that he found a scaffold pole was right diameter and he welded that in. Dont recall after all this time exactly how but i have a feeling it went through whole of chassis rail ... Sorry after all this time i cant remember any more. FUZZY
  3. FUZZY

    MY MK 5 2-DOOR

    NOPE .... I DONT HATE OR LIKE MINI'S ... you try and bring your kids upright and this is how they act .. i blame their mother... I hate working on them ... more than the cars themselves ... wifes 1275 inj. can be a bit of fun to drive ... and i seem to have acquired a hot MG Metro eng. to drop in the car I seem to have since my daughter got another. FUZZY
  4. FUZZY

    MY MK 5 2-DOOR

    Very pleased with it. Potters on quite happily, will never be a racer with the 1.3 lump, but bimbled happily down to Bournemouth sunday with 4 up. I agreed to get rid of my 4 door to buy this one, but wife wont let me sell it. I married the right woman alright. As she said I could be chasing other women, so a collection of cars aren't that bad. By the way I also collect model cars 'corgi and the like' so it does get silly sometimes. FUZZY
  5. FUZZY

    MY MK 5 2-DOOR

    Just thought I would add a photo of my front drive. Of course the four door tina (Grace) my other mk1 fiesta, the mk2 fiesta conv. and the wife's XR3I and triumph herald, a well as the other mini (which I think is mine when i THINK my daughter gave it to me when I brought her her other mini) are all at my mothers...
  6. FUZZY

    MY MK 5 2-DOOR

    At the moment just to drive and enjoy it. Over winter maybe get the bodywork sorted and try and return it to as original as poss. However as you can see from my other cars I'm not much good at original.. The engine being a 1.3 is a bit sluggish, and its crying out for a 5 speed. So the 1600 ohc in my garage might get bolted to a 5 speed and dropped in.. Then the 4 door (project rustbucket) now called 'Grace' needs a 2 litre back axle to go with the 2.0 inj. & 5 speed. So the axle from that may as well go in the 2 door with the 1600 and 5 speed i intend ... looks like a busy winter again.
  7. FUZZY

    MY MK 5 2-DOOR

    Fiesta convert. still awaiting hood to be done, but i have been using it in current pleasant weather ... will post pics on here when done. FUZZY
  8. FUZZY

    MY MK 5 2-DOOR

    Yep, Just a 1.3 ... mechanically its quite original ... apparently according to my Ford brochure from 1980 .. 2 doors in Britain were only available as a 1.3 in Basic or L trim. I believe a number of 1.6 2-doors were available for Motability purchase however. My car has opening rear windows, which my brochure states was only available on the L trim option. Did the motability ones have opening rear windows does anyone know?
  9. FUZZY

    MY MK 5 2-DOOR

    Hi ... taxeD and on the road ... took it down to Bournemouth about 3 weeks ago ... burst fuel pipe and lost masses of fuel all over promenade ...I got given AA free through bank, so called them and they replace offending pipe there and then. Done no more to bodywork just enjoyed using Always wanted a 2 door, saw this and wife knowing of my desire told me to have a look. She told me i had to sell one of my cars to buy it. (i have 3 fiestas as well as the 4 door tina) .. i said i would sell the 4 door.. she said she would rather sell her XR3I convertible ... So i now i have the 4 door and the 2 door. 2 X MK1 Fiestas and a mk 2 fiesta convertible. We also have 4 mini's, a triumph herald convertible and a Pug 106 amongst my wife and i and our 3 kids.
  10. Purchased yesterday from a very nice man nr. Bristol via the for sale ads on this very site.My new Cortina L 1.3 2 door in Strato silver. Photo taken this afternoon on seafront at Bournemouth where they have a weekly gathering of classic cars. I'll put a few more details of that on the show reports site later, under title CCOTP FUZZY
  11. front end looks good ... will mk3 front end fit on later truck bodies ... or is it a fiddly job needing mucho adjustments or a simple bolt on jobbie? Always liked the truck and pleased to see yours coming on ... another one saved ... Good man
  12. Well got it on the road .. would you believe someone has already put a big dent in rear wing :winner: ... A week on the road an some """""""" damages my car and doesn't even own up to it ..... I reckon the car is cursed ... Anyway going up to retro car show at the Pod this weekend ,, for its first proper outing ... will have my AA relay card clutched firmly in my grubby mit ... anyone else going ... FUZZY
  13. Thanks for all the advice folks ... as I said, I am going to do this peicemeal so will let you know how it goes and what difference it makes. Once again, thanks all. FUZZY
  14. HI ALL .... nice to meet some of you at the Yat , sadly only had the Fiesta due tothe DVLA. After all the agro I had with DVLA not wanting to tax the car without log book ... so not getting to Yat after all. DVLA have now sent me a new log book so in next few days I will tax it. A few questions .... I'm not very au fait with this injection lark. Got in in and it runs fine. However if i changed the air filter for a K & N and the exhaust with a 4 branch and free flow system ..... on a carb model I'd enrich the mixture, because it would be flowing more air. On an injection I'm guessing the ECU should do this. BUT is the standard ECU on a sierra good enough to cope with this relatively minor increase in airflow. The rubber convoluted pipe between my inlet and airflow meter is perished ... if i replace it with a bit of Samco hosing, i have no where for the rocker filler cap vent pipe to go ( as standard there is a vent pipe leading from the rocker cover cap to this convoluted pipe venting the engine into the inlet). Can i vent the rocker straight to the air or can i replce the cap with the non-vented type from my old cortina engine. Lastly, i want to update the suspension as it wallows about like a drunken duck, I have little money and I want to do this peice meal month by month. What can you recommend to do to stiffen and improve the ride of my cortina. I want to lower it as well, is 2" OK or is 1" better.. what shocks, springs etc. do you recommend... in what order should the updates be best done ... I can get superflex bushes through the trade ... should i fit the whole car range ... or are some best left standard where other are uprated ... any help or advice would be gladly welcomed .. Thanks FUZZY
  15. I Thought my own project rustbucket was bad ...but its as solid as the Forth Bridge compared with yours ..... Take my hat off to you .... Definately watching to see how you get on .... Can't wait to see the next installment ... BRILLIANT Effort ... :angry: FUZZY
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