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  1. If you google mathesons 1979 Cortina S there is a video talk around on car looks a cracker
  2. Hi has anyone got a number plate light for a mk3 they would sell.
  3. Hi all I am looking for a pair of rear lower front bushes for mk4/5 would prefer genuine Ford part no. is 76bb5k792aa
  4. Hi all does anyone have bonnet rubber for PFL Cortina mk3 it is the L shaped , hollow type they would sell ?
  5. Phoned Ford this morning still waiting on them phoning me back could be waiting a while!
  6. Does anyone have a fuel pump push rod for 2000ohc they would sell.
  7. Thanks for reply its just the body I need
  8. Hi all does anyone have mk3 passenger side front indicator unit they would sell. Graham
  9. Cheers, here from you weekend
  10. Hi has anyone got a decent rear screen rubber seal for mk3
  11. graham s

    headlamp relay

    Can you post it to me
  12. graham s

    headlamp relay

    hi I will have one to suit gxl how would like me to pay. Graham
  13. graham s

    headlamp relay

    Hi All Has anyone got a headlamp relay for 1971 gxl that they would sell. Graham
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