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  1. Thanks for reply’s I did look on eBay will look again if not got some ideas now👍
  2. I need to make new gaskets for heater box has anyone made them if so what did you use.
  3. If you google mathesons 1979 Cortina S there is a video talk around on car looks a cracker
  4. Ended up wouldn’t start at all no spark spoke to accuspark who were really helpful turned out the electronic ignition failed and a new module sorted it.
  5. Cheers Tigdlo I’m no mechanic, I was thinking either carb or coil. I am off out now to make sure choke flaps are operating correctly
  6. Had new service kit less than 2 years ago
  7. My 2L pinto has always been good starter until last few months, starts well from cold it’s when it’s up to temp it won’t start again until it cools.It turns over normally just won’t start. It is fitted with electronic ignition. Any ideas ?
  8. Is there a knack or method to removing gutter trims. I have had vinyl roof fitted by supposedly high end classic car restoration company in central Scotland. They have made a right mess of gutter trims and now deny it was them they have never been removed until now as car still had original vinyl
  9. Hi has anyone got a number plate light for a mk3 they would sell.
  10. Hi all I am looking for a pair of rear lower front bushes for mk4/5 would prefer genuine Ford part no. is 76bb5k792aa
  11. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="RT 1006" data-cid="674450" data-time="1529351750"><p> Thanks Craig and Richard for your replies, that looks like a nice tidy job on the fuel lines Richard.<br /> <br /> I was helping someone out with their car this weekend. We replaced the aftermarket electric fuel pump with a proper engine driven mechanical pump but for some reason the original fuel line has been removed and has been replaced with a length of rubber hose that comes up from the off side chassis rail, along the bulkhead behind the engine then along the near side chassis leg in the engine bay and into the pump. Mk4 and Mk5s all have the fuel line running round the suspension cradle. In terms of ease of fitting would it be better to follow the original Mk3 route or use the Mk4/5 route for the fuel pipe?<br /> <br /> Craig he'll probably be in touch to enquire about the servo pipe :thumbup:</p></blockquote>
  12. Hi all does anyone have bonnet rubber for PFL Cortina mk3 it is the L shaped , hollow type they would sell ?
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