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  1. cortinaboy

    MK4 for sale

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  2. Nice to look back at the pictures mate, seems like ages ago now!
  3. Good to meet you Sunday mate! Looks like you have a good project there, the interior looks mint. Stick at it, that's going to be a great car once it's sorted
  4. That was an epic day swapping the engine over. We need to go for a proper drive in the mk3 some time. Great pics by the way, I'm looking awesome in most of them...
  5. Ive just caught up with all the posts, as Ive said before, what youre doing with this car is so good, watching your videos gives me the inspiration to go out and work on mine! Really looking forward to seeing this beautiful car and catching up with you Pete when its finished
  6. Coming on well mate! I polybushed mine last year, but left the original springs on, I got some replacement ones but they were way too high!
  7. Looks good, im like the others, modifying them is fine, its your car after all!
  8. That orange is a great colour, never seen that interior before!
  9. I like the look of that, nice colour! I cant be too far away from you mate, im down the road in Bury
  10. Sweet! Glad to hear it passed, will be good seeing this out and about mate!
  11. Nice 2 door you have there, SLW 513R mentioned earlier used to be owned by me, except it was blue when I owned it! Thread hijack over, best of luck with the sale
  12. Great models, ive got a Vanguards Granada im supposed to be converting into a replica of my one, I never seem to have the time to finish it!
  13. My old Mk4 GL was known as the Caramac Car, as the seats were the same colour as Caramac bars, I had a beige Mk4 estate once that the missus called the Sh**ty Biscuit. I used to have an Orion that was called The Smoke Machine due to its worn valve oil seals, and my first Mk2 Escort was known as The Wombat. My Cortina dosent have a name but I do have a Marina called Myrtle...
  14. I think this is a good idea, making a list of all surviving Mk4s would be interesting. Il post my car up if you start a post. As you can see from my sig, I don't mind giving out my reg...
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